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Listen up, I’ve had it with you racist pigs!


In a monumental effort of significant proportions, I have returned to this place of my savior called “The Will Effect”. This should be a great occurrence, but instead, I grace any and all readers with the rage of all of the Gods of Olympus combined and then some. I made a deal with myself a long time ago that I was done with freely using those four letter words I used to use whenever appropriate, but those day’s have come to it’s end. From now on, censorship does not exist on this site/blog until further notice.

Why would I kill the good little angel on my shoulder? It’s simple. All of these fuckers on Xbox Live have pushed me over the edge so far that I’ve made it a regular physic’s impossibility of hovering several feet in mid-air after I’ve gotten pushed pasted the edge I speak of. It would be rudimentary to list some of the things I’ve heard over voice chat on Xbox Live, so I will flame the hell out of these bastards with no abandon. It’s childish, I know, but people suck and that’s the way I’m going to handle it. Period. Those I speak of won’t be reading this, but I couldn’t give a rat’s ass. Muting them isn’t going to change anything then make my experience shitty because now I can’t properly use the service the way it’s meant to be used, which includes VOICE CHAT (with civilized people).

This is going to be simple. If you want to be prejudice and down right hateful while playing a game on Xbox Live, PSN, or PC, fine. Do it in a private fucking lobby as to not make my ears bleed while I try to have at least a little since of fun with the game I paid for. I shouldn’t have to worry about my gaming experience being ruined by you fuckers. Stay the fuck out of public lobbies if you can’t have any sense. If you can’t play or act civilized than get the fuck out. While I could be much worse about this, I do believe that I am wasting my time by even addressing this, so that’s it. People fucking suck. And I thought it was 2008. Poor me.

Shout out to bs angel, because I felt like it.


Microsoft Announces HOMEless

With an 8-bit avatar uniquely customized according to each user’s preference, Gold members can pause Silver users’ games, reset their Xbox 360’s or trash talk through both speakers and Xbox 360 Live headsets with no option for the hacked Xbox Live user to mute the Xbox Live Gold member.

Yes! My salvation has ben answered.

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What’s up with all of the Joystiq hatin?

For what seems like ages now, Joystiq has been under fire from manly people I consider closet Sony fanboys or just out right Sony loyalist to the extreme. At this years CES (Consumer Electronic Show) some of the Microsoft suits had some choice words when asked about the Sony on-line status as of now. Microsoft’s Chris Satchell and Peter Moore had this to say about Sony On-line strategy: The two called Sony’s newly launched on-line service a “disaster” and that Kutaragi and company lack the talent and “DNA” to deliver a workable service. “If I wanted to make my on-line service better, and I wanted to give [Sony] a little piece of advice, it would be to copy Xbox Live a little more closely … My honest opinion is that [PS3 Online] is pretty much a disaster. They keep saying that they have a free service. Well, if they don’t have anything, of course it’s free. And you know what: what’s free about $600?”

Now, after posting this and many others, Sony fanboys continue to question Joystiq’s journalist integrity because of the so-called bias they have when it comes to Sony. Of course, Joystiq and many other sites out there have been making up all of the insanely demeaning comments coming from Sony consistently over the last year. Saying that the next-gen doesn’t start until we say so isn’t asking for trouble?

How can anybody blame Joystiq for Sony essentially writing there own PR mistakes for them. Accusing Joystiq of being bias for reporting about Sony isn’t what any of this is about. Most of this backlash against them is exactly what should be forwarded on to Sony. What the hell are they doing? Arrogant statement after Arrogant statement discounting the competition is what the real problem is. Taking it out on Joystiq is wrong. When Microsoft has something to say the “Sony Defense Force” kicks in to save the day, when it’s the other way around Joystiq is accused of being bias. I guess you can’t win for losing.

Comment #36 on this post says exactly what I’m talking about. Smoke_Dawg_187: Anyone bashing Joystiq is just self projecting their true anger for Sony and using Joystiq as the scapegoat. It’s sad really. Sony let you down, bottom line.

Check here for the post in question.

Gamer Hits 100,000 Gamerscore on Xbox Live!!

stripclubdj's Gamercard

A gamer with the gamertag on Xbox Live of StripClubDJ has recently reached an unbelievable gamerscore of 100,000!

I can’t believe this. I was so close. Only 96,000 more to go. Somebody please take my life away so I can have more time to not have one, because this guy or gal obviously doesn’t.

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Japan’s PS3 Network now online

That’s right folks, Sony’s PlayStation Network is already up and running with some of the basic goodies you can expect from a new online site of fun and gaming happiness! Including demos for PS3, and the first PS1 games for PSP (woo! RE:DC and JumpingFlash! [that’s all I can read])

Well, I can’t say I’m exited about this at all. Give me something I can’t or already haven’t been doing on Xbox Live for what seems like forever. Why should I leave Xbox Live when all of my friends are all on Xbox Live? As far as I know, the PlayStation Network doesn’t have a community to speak of at all right now, right.

While trying not to sound like an Xbox fanboy I leave it like this. Xbox Live is a community, while the Playstation Network simple is not as of yet. If I want to play with my friends down the street or around the world Xbox is where it’s at. “Sorry PS3! Maybe later.”

image courtesy: Engadget

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Xbox 360 Complete Fall Dashboard Update Feature List

Here is the list of new features and improvements for the Xbox 360 Fall dashboard update that is to be released on 10/31/06.

New Features

* HD 1080p video mode support over VGA and component cables.
* Xbox 360™ HD DVD Player support.
* Stream WMV video from a Windows PC running Windows Media Player 11, Zune software, or Windows Media Connect.
* Play video from storage devices such as USB flash drives, Xbox 360 Memory Units, etc.
* Play video from CD or DVD data discs.
* Xbox 360 Wireless Headset support, including battery level indicator in the Xbox Guide.
* Video support for 50 Hz HDTV modes (DVD and HD DVD only).
* Xbox 360 Wireless Racing Wheel support.
* Set up automatic downloads of newly released Xbox Live Arcade trial games.
* Support for upcoming release of XNA Game Studio Express (separate download and subscription required.)
* Stream music, pictures and video from a Zune device.

Xbox Live Arcade

* Lightning-fast enumeration and listing of all Xbox Live® Arcade games on the console.
* Find games quickly with two new sort options: Recently Played and By Category.
* Have all new Xbox Live Arcade games at the ready with auto downloads. Auto downloads optionally adds newly released trial versions of games to active downloads when you enter Xbox Live Arcade.
* View full achievement info in Xbox Live Arcade, including icons, achievement point details, and descriptions.
* Friends leaderboard: Compare yourself with friends and view leaderboard details right from the Xbox dashboard.
* Tell a friend: Send a message to a friend about your newest favorite Xbox Live Arcade game.

DVD Player

* Optionally disable notifications from Xbox Live while watching DVD movies.
* Improved support for audio streams on incorrectly authored DVDs.
* Better handling of unreadable discs.
* Updated count-down timer.
* HD DVD player support.
* Added zoom support for non-anamorphic content.
* Added support to Family Settings to block Unrated Content

Video Player

* Improved support for extended all black scenes in WMV content.
* Added support for Windows Media Video 9 Advanced profile video.
* Screen saver now becomes active when videos are paused.
* Now shares UI and player controls with DVD player.
* Improved video playback while downloading from Xbox Live.
* Added skip controls (forward approx. 30 seconds, back approx. 7 seconds).
* Improved messaging around unplayable video content.
* Added time elapsed and time remaining displays.
* Improved playback of high bit-rate HD content on fragmented hard drives.
* Improved visual quality of video playback.
* Added selectable display modes: default and letterbox zoom.


* New locale setting for China
* Improved German translations in console settings.
* Improved German translations in memory area.
* Improved Japanese translations in Family Settings.
* Added localized text for all supported languages in pictures area
* Improved Spanish translations in camera effects.
* Improved locale-specific decimal denominators.
* Added localization support for title menu and main menu in the DVD player.
* Added localization support for “Attempting to Read Media” system message.

Memory Area

* Added support for Xbox 360 HD DVD Player content..
* Added new page for viewing content size by category.

Other System Improvements

* Updated support for new Daylight Savings changes coming in 2007.
* Improved support for games to better handle host migration in multi-player matches.
* Improved Xbox Live Vision camera support for changing room lighting while zooming.
* Background downloaded videos appear in video area
* Improved Xbox Live Vision camera support while using VGA.
* Playing photo slideshows from PC now maintains picture folder hierarchy.
* Improved user experience when playing and deleting videos from the Games or Media areas.
* Improved handling of invalid characters during Xbox Live signup.
* Better handling of watermarks in gamer cards.
* Improved text for Windows Media Connect..
* Improved UI performance in Media Center Extender
* Improved connection support for Buffalo WZR-G108 wireless router when using Xbox 360 Wireless Adapter.
* Redownload of deleted Arcade Games no longer re-enumerates all games on the Arcade page.
* Improved visual display of text in themes.
* Improved support for CD playback after signing up for Xbox Live and losing network connectivity.
* Improved support for long names of items memory area.
* Improved handling of gamer pictures downloaded from Xbox Live.
* Improved background download notifications when downloading many small items from Xbox Live.
* Improved support for custom backgrounds after returning to the Xbox Dashboard from the Account Management area.
* Improved network reliability between Windows Media Center Extender on Windows Vista and Xbox 360 consoles using Xbox 360 Wireless Adapter.
* Improved voice chat quality in Xbox Dashboard and in-game chats.
* Improved messaging when failing to connect to Windows Media Center Extender.
* Improved USB keyboard support when using a USB hub.
* Improved consistency of user experience when deleting various types of content.
* Improved handling of low storage space for background downloads.
* Improved handling of Picture streaming from attached Digital Cameras over MTP protocol
* Improved error messaging for optional iPod support download when storage devices are full.
* Improved handling of multi-key repeating for USB keyboards.
* Expanded Family Settings to include support for blocking unrated DVDs and videos.
* Added ability to clear space from storage devices in download areas.
* Added support for low-speed and full-speed USB keyboards.
* Improved CapsLock behavior for USB keyboards.
* Improved look and feel in Xbox Live Marketplace and Xbox Live Arcade areas.
* Added redeem code option to Xbox Live signup.
* Removed system message at the start of new downloads. Messages will be displayed for completed items.
* Added support for CCV credit card validation field in Xbox Live Marketplace purchase areas.
* Updated “More Information” instructions in the Xbox Dashboard for connecting an Xbox 360 console to a Windows PC to stream digital media content.
* Added auto-scroll to long text descriptions in Xbox Dashboard UI.
* Improved support for DVD insertion while playing a video file.

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Where’s my fracking Xbox Live?

If you don’t already know Xbox Live is down at the moment. So what to do in the mean time?

  • Play offline? Who the hell does that anymore? I’m looking at you PS2 players, who think they’ve played on-line when they don’t really know what on-line is unless it’s Socom.
  • Go outside? It’s raining. Scratch that.
  • Go back to my Xbox or PS2? Can’t bring my self to do it. I can’t play a game without points anymore. Give me my points and I’ll be happy. Yes, I’m a point’s whore. You can’t tell by my embarrassing gamer-score though (see right side column). I’m not as bad as Jeff Gerstmann over at Gamespot though.
  • How about actually hanging out and talking to people in the same room as me? Nope. To old fashioned and overrated.

Maybe I’ll just have to be in withdrawal today from Xbox Live. I can’t stand not having that integrated Live experience anymore. Have I become an Xbox Fanboy? Is this part of the evil Microsoft plain to get me hooked on playing with people around the world I don’t personally know. If so, it’s working. Now Sony and/or Nintendo have to convince me that they can do better.

Xbox 360 adds 1080p, HD DVD drive is $170 US

Xbox 360 HD-DVD add on

They’ve finally stepped up with a couple of interesting, albeit expected, announcements. First up: the Xbox 360 HD DVD drive finally has a price and date of launch — for Japan.

Not that I’m trying to stick it to Sony, but why is that $200 more needed? Apparently that little white box I’m looking at right now does just about everything Sony claims as the separating factor between the PS3 and Xbox 360. To me, the real separating factor is the already established on-line community I’ve been having a great time with for the last few years. Last time I looked Sony doesn’t have that yet or if ever.

I still have my PlayStation 2 sitting right next to my Xbox 360, but for how long? I fully intend to wait it out for God of War 2 next year, hopefully.

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Europe is *pissed* about waiting for the PS3.

Someone created a site to expound on their disgust about the delay that Sony has forced on Europe.

Now matter the intentions this site has, it sure is funny. I won’t be feeling sorry for Sony while I have a few laughs at there expense. With all of the arrogant statements and broken promises, how can anyone blame them. If I were intending to get a PS3 later this year only to be told I have to wait five month’s, I would be blowing a gasket right now all the way to the store to buy the competitions offering. At least for Europeans, they have that as a choice.
Oh! I almost forgot. Arrrrrrrrgh!

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Viva Pinata! Yeah! (wink wink)

Viva Pinata

I finally got around to downloading one of the episodes of Viva Pinata on the Xbox Live Marketplace. Wow. What a cool visual style, but this so isn’t for me. Given the fact that this is geared toward kids in the first place I can’t say I’m disappointed. It’s going to be very interesting to see if kids pick up on this or whether they are smart enough to know that they are just being marketed to for merchandise sales.

Update 1: I have the theme song stuck in my head and I only watched it once. Someone get it out. Please. Thanks allot Microsoft.