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OOOPS! Guy Spends 900 Bucks on “3 Sony Playstation Systems”

 Sony PlayStation

 Sony Playstation 3: This is NOT!

Some poor sap spent 900 dollars on 3 original playstations NOT Three Playstation 3’s. No Controllers or Games included. This seller has no soul. This buyer has no brains.

This just goes to show that people don’t read the auction page as carefully as they should.

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Playstation 3 goes for $30,300!!!

A Playstation 3 Preorder sold for 30 GRAND.

I don’t know about you, but I’d rather take the girl in the picture on the auction page.

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Put a PS3 on eBay, get your account banned!

It turns out that selling your pre-ordered PS3 right now is a violation of eBay’s pre-sale policies. The item must be no greater than 30 days away from being in your hands to be sold on eBay. Many people got their auctions removed and accounts banned due to this violation.

Is ripping people off  really worth it?
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