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Gamespot gives Gears of War a Spectacular 9.6

Gears of War boxart

says all: Gears of War is an outstanding technical achievement, but in addition to looking and sounding amazing, it’s a seriously awesome action game.

I can’t say I’m surprised by this at all. I have been waiting for this game for a very, very, very long time. I wouldn’t accept anything less. The surprising thing to me is that 1up gave it a 10. Now that’s a shock.

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Where’s my fracking Xbox Live?

If you don’t already know Xbox Live is down at the moment. So what to do in the mean time?

  • Play offline? Who the hell does that anymore? I’m looking at you PS2 players, who think they’ve played on-line when they don’t really know what on-line is unless it’s Socom.
  • Go outside? It’s raining. Scratch that.
  • Go back to my Xbox or PS2? Can’t bring my self to do it. I can’t play a game without points anymore. Give me my points and I’ll be happy. Yes, I’m a point’s whore. You can’t tell by my embarrassing gamer-score though (see right side column). I’m not as bad as Jeff Gerstmann over at Gamespot though.
  • How about actually hanging out and talking to people in the same room as me? Nope. To old fashioned and overrated.

Maybe I’ll just have to be in withdrawal today from Xbox Live. I can’t stand not having that integrated Live experience anymore. Have I become an Xbox Fanboy? Is this part of the evil Microsoft plain to get me hooked on playing with people around the world I don’t personally know. If so, it’s working. Now Sony and/or Nintendo have to convince me that they can do better.

Sony fanboy goes nuts live on the air in a Radio Station phone call

Title says it all. Funniest thing ever.

(This is not a video though, just audio. Did’t know where else to put it…)

This is a audio comment off of The Gamespot “The Hotspot” podcast that’s crazy funny. Especially when the caller says “show me the money!” I heard this last week when I listened to the show since it’s one of the many I listen to, but completely forgot about until I saw it on Digg. I can’t say enough how funny this is, but the sad truth is that he’s right about nearly everything he say’s. Hopefully a Sony PR rep heard this also.

The original link is probably down, but here are a few mirrors to it :

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Have we become spoiled brats?

After reading this post over on Gamespot, I cant say that I dont disagree with him. Check it out. What do you think?

If your to lazy to go over there here is the post:

When did the gamer population become so spoiled rotten? A year ago, there was no marketplace, and we managed to get by. Now a DEMO isn’t even a week overdue and everyones got their panties in a bunch. I for one am still impressed by the Marketplace, XBLA and the achievement system for giving us other reasons to play, and for reminding us of why we started playing in the first place. It’s not like Microsoft is purposely trying to piss it’s community off with the other consoles launches coming up, so can’t we just accept that it isn’t out yet, and when it’s ready, we’ll get to play it? And if anything, the buzz all this BS is creating is making them hold on to it a bit longer…

When is the….

Mean FaceWhat the hell is up with people asking questions on forums that they can quickly look up themselves. How lazy can you get. Why the fuck are you coming onto a forum to ask people a question that can be answered by just going to the source for it ? If your one of this people, all I have to say to you is “You make me sick”. Get off your ass an do you own homework.

I think I’m done for now. My rant is over. Thank you for your time.

Gamer Expectation is out of control!!!

Many so called gamers out there are expecting way to much of the to often referred to “Next Gen”. I blame much of this on the lying bastards over at that little’ol Japanese company named Sony. Why do they need to over indulge in there promises off true HD gaming? Give me a break. What the hell is with them?

Most people who play games at any rate haven’t any clue as to whats goes into creating the majority of games out there. They have no clue as to the complexity of programming for any of these games. Let alone creating all of the art assets created for there ugly mug’s to look at while they play. The collision detection work alone is a choir, just so when a player module cant walk through walls or have appendages passing through things it shouldn’t. Don’t get me talking on the testing that needs to be done on the game before any off us get our over hyped hands on the game.

The testing that has to be done for all off these games is crazy. With the deadlines put on testers who have to play the same thing over and over with little pay would drive any of us crazy. The programmers also have to make sure everything in the games does what it’s supposed to. What I’m getting at is this. It’s getting pretty tiring hearing people complain like this guy on the Gamespot forums. What is with these ignorant assholes?

They get promised the world by these companies and they get pissed when it doesn’t happen exactly the way they were told. How can anyone expect to have a game look the way Sony showed at E3 2005 when it’s so early in the console cycle. What fools. If the next Killzone does indeed turn out the way they showed last year I’ll eat my words gladly.

Plus, how can anyone judge the success of a console based on what has been released in just the first 8 months. How shallow can you get. I hope this guy has some choice words for Sony this time next year when you can’t find a PS3 anywhere, and if you do you have to give both your arm’s and your left testicle for it.