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PS3 sells 520,000 in Europe in it’s first weekend

Despite reports of a muted launch across Europe, Sony’s Playstation 3 console has sold over half a million copies in just two days. It remains to be seen at what pace sales will continue, but this is certainly a great start for the console giant.

Borrowing a phase often heard on Allgames Interactive, “Wow, all I have to say is wow”. I guess Europe knows how to take it like a man and show up even when your still being pissed on so to speak.

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Resistance = 17.75GB of garbage?

Resistance developers Insomniac stated that the game took up 22GB of space and that all those bits and bytes were necessary to make the game work. It would seem that ripping the disk in Linux shows otherwise.

Don’t be surprised if Blu-ray turns out to be the next Sony format debacle. It’s one thing to turn around and force feed the consumer with Blu-ray on the back of the PlayStation brand, but to say a next-gen game can’t be done on DVD after we’ve all seen and hopefully played Gears of war on that very format. More storage space is nice of course, but only for Sony at this point. There not thinking about the consumer with Blu-ray when it ultimately comes down to them saving money on manufacturing multiple disk for different regions. As far as Blu-ray is concerned it’s theoretically only potentially needed for movie’s, not games, unless your talking about a Final Fantasy game where your doing more movie watching than playing of the game.

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image source: Gamespot

Will Blu-ray sink the PlayStation 3?

As the 17 November release date draws nearer, many of the technical issues regarding Blu-ray have been ironed out, though some still remain even as Blu-ray players are made publicly available.

Blu-ray what? I just want something to play! Oh, wait a minute. Sony has forgotten about games, unless it’s Ridgggggge Racccccccer or is a giant crab taking massive damage in realistc futal Japan.. How silly of me!

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