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Good question: why doesn’t the Xbox 360 have its own browser?

Sony and Nintendo have promised that gamers who purchase the PlayStation 3 and Wii will be able to browse the web from the comfort of their couches. Sony will accomplish this through their own custom web browser while Nintendo has partnered with Opera Software to install a trial version of the Opera browser on the Wii.

Why is there no browser on the Xbox 360? It’s simple as this. It freaking doesn’t work on TV’s. Iv’e done the who browsing thing on my Dreamcast back in the day on SegaNet. I can’t say enough how annoying it is to browse to a page and have the formatting be completely destroyed. Sure it’s convenient, but as what cost?

Many will say all I need is a keyboard and mouse and I’m set, but what about plugins? What are you going to do when you get all excited about viewing web pages on your TV to find out that the site your going to has a crucial plugin that’s not supported buy your new fangled console browser. What then? Youtube isn’t Youtube without the video’ part of it. I guess you could imagine that your watching the video that’s supposed to be in that empty space on the page while you frantically shift the page left and right just to see the entire thing. Then many will scream “but it can be updated”. Sure that probably will be the case, but it won’t be quick enough. I’m not going to put up with whole blocks of a site’s functionality missing.

Are you willing to wait for an update to support some new format that hasn’t been thought of yet to only view it on a page that has horrendous formatting to boot? If you aren’t willing to put up with it , just use your damn computer. Chances are you already have one anyway.

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Just played through the Sonic Demo on the 360. Boy am I pissed!

 The white hedgehog picking up a car with telekenisis

Just like the people over at,  I too am severely disapointed by Sonic the hedgehog. I had very high hopes for this game. Finally a chance for Sega to start from scratch. This has to be great. New powerful hardware to work with. Oh no, they can’t do that. That would make to much since.

To be fair though, this demo is most likely the demo from this past E3 back in May. If so, they better had fix the controls and the camera by now. I can’t believe this is still a problem for them. The control for Sonic has been a huge problem going way back to the first Sonic Adventure on the Dreamcast. The camera also can’t give you a clear vantage point. Why can’t they just copy the camera system from God of War. While not perfect either, it’s at least not complete garbage like the Sonic camera is. It’s completely unacceptable for the camera to be the cause of my untimely death more times than the enemie’s are. For God’s sake, no wait! For my sake give us a good Sonic game this time. Nostalgia can’t hold me over forever.

EA Says Madden for the Wii Challenges Xbox 360 on Graphics

“There has basically been no loss of features at all for Madden Wii. In fact, because of the Wii-only content in Madden, I’d say that Madden Wii is the most feature rich version of Madden that’s out there. we’ve done a whole host of things that put the game…better than the Xbox. And in some cases, we’re challenging the Xbox 360 on graphics.”

Alright EA. Spin all you want. I know your full of shit. I bought Madden 360 a few weeks ago just so I could have a football game this year, even though I was extremely disappointed in last years game. I got it free to. Where’s my NFL 2k7?

I was once a Madden only player for a long time, that is until I got NFL 2k on my Sega Sport’s Limited Edition Dreamcast back in early 2000. Damn you Sega!!! Thank’s allot EA for ruining that for every 2k fan out there. I still have NFL 2k5 on the Xbox, and I still say it’s a better game.

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Xbox 360 and the works!


Over on the Gamespot Xbox 360 Forums someone posted this nice 360 Dashdoard pic. It has an extra blade added where you could play not only Xbox games, but Playstation 2, Playstation, Gamecube, and Dreamscast. After seeing this I feel I could do better, but if Microsoft could some how pull this off for real I'd be all for it.