I’m back……hopefully

This blogging/writing thing takes up a whole hell of allot of time, as anyone else who has ventured into this thing with any ambitions should know. I originally started out with the intentions to use my writing talents for a change and write about what I love so dearly, the videogame industry. I started out relatively well, but soon found myself wanting to write more deeply about videogames. The strait up news and game reviews weren’t good enough to me. Hence, me not posting the same old fluff that everyone else is likely to do.

Obviously, posting longer more thought out piece’s takes up even more time. Then came the move on over to The Xbox Domain. I love videogame’s in general, but the Xbox is doing things right (to me). The community is mostly fantastic and frankly I was getting tired off Sony’s shit, with their hardware superiority complex that they inherited after being by far the lesser of the other two machines last go around. Of course, I’ll play any game on only platform if I dig it. I don’t hate Sony or Nintendo, but Microsoft seems to get what I want out of gaming without much fail.

Back to the point of this. During my time over at The Xbox Domain, things have been going pretty well. Mike a.k.a Thrills Killa has gotten named Xbox MVP up until now. 2,000,000 plus visitors and climbing has been reached and great conversations have been had with our readers over the last year and change even with the grand majority choosing to wallow in a lurking capacity. Comment People, COMMENT! With all of that going on, I’ve had to swallow a large chunk of my writing prowess to cater to the format of which works for The Xbox Domain. I’ve tried to write longer more thought provoking pieces, but the sheer wall of text viewed upon causes lots of readers to just give up before they even start. That’s where I admire N’Gai Croal of Newsweek for what he does. Someday I hope to obtain his status in the gaming industry, but for now it’s just baby steps.

My intention is to start to write my longer post’s here once again, leaving the more community and news focused stuff over at TXD. I’m not guaranteeing anything, but I will definitely try to keep my word to at least myself this time around. If I get a post up everyday will remain to be seen since TXD normally takes up allot of time when no technical difficulties arise. So, with no further ado, see you in a bit, however few you may be.


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  1. That sounds like a good plan. It’s always hard to tell when your readers are going to stick around for a well thought out piece, or when they are just in the mood for something short like a video. I try to do both, but my schedule dictates it more than anything else.

    Keep up the great work, at this site and the other one!

  2. Thanks for the great words bs angel.

  3. I see what your aiming for man. But look at N’Gai Croal’s blog. Comments are nearly non existent and it seems like he has a bigger lurker problem than TXD.

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