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Marching Band the way it should be, all videogamed out

In this halftime show with the Cal U Marching Band, they perform a show entirely of videogame music, of which the obvious symbols corresponding to the music go with it. Much of it being Nintendo inspired, I wish we had done something like this when I was in Marching Band. There’s nothing else to say, but Hells Yes!

Mortal Kombat
The Legend of Zelda
Mario Bros. Theme
Mario Underground Theme
Super Mario World Theme
Mario Water Theme
Mario World 1-1 Theme


A Wii Fit Parody at its finest has done it again with this Wii Fit parody. Nothing beats having fun with a videogame, when you can just practice lifting your legs instead.

Hilarious Video of two women playing Wii Tennis

In this wonderful video of two women playing the Wii, I can’t help but wonder why I can’t get two women to grunt while playing Wii Tennis for me. I must not have the special formula. Funny video nevertheless.

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Another Playstation 3 bites the dust

Here’s another PS3 on it’s way to the big PlayStation landfill in the sky. It’s surprising that it didn’t get as mangled as I would have thought it would.

Finally a way to fix the 360 3 red lights of death!

After viewing this masterpiece of a video, I can’t find myself ever thinking of trying to smack the hell out of my Xbox 360. Even though they don’t speak english in this video I feel that there frustration can be understood no matter the language. Thankfully my 360 hasn’t had any major issue’s since launch. This is the universal fix it solution though. Who could ever doubt it?

So this is how Microsoft fixs the units that are sent in for repair!

5 year-old reviews Wii

Here’s the same 5 year old of a Kotaku staffer (last time PlayStation 3) playing the Wii this time. It’s great watching him play. What a great kid.

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Playing the Playstation 3 from a kid perspective.

In this nice video of a 5 year old kid playing Ridge Racer 7 on the PS3, he gives his opinions on rather the tilt sensitive control of the PS3’s Sixaxis controller is better than the good old analog stick. Do you think you’ll agree with him when or if you get your hands on one? Time will tell.

On a side note, I’ll make sure my kid or kids are just like this one sometime in the future. We have to remember that video games are entertainment just like everything else. Obviously, moderation is the key. That is until they do there homework. Then all hell is going to brake loose, and someone is going to get pwned. I’ll never be one of those uptight parents that are afraid of what they don’t know.

source: Kotaku

Good question: why doesn’t the Xbox 360 have its own browser?

Sony and Nintendo have promised that gamers who purchase the PlayStation 3 and Wii will be able to browse the web from the comfort of their couches. Sony will accomplish this through their own custom web browser while Nintendo has partnered with Opera Software to install a trial version of the Opera browser on the Wii.

Why is there no browser on the Xbox 360? It’s simple as this. It freaking doesn’t work on TV’s. Iv’e done the who browsing thing on my Dreamcast back in the day on SegaNet. I can’t say enough how annoying it is to browse to a page and have the formatting be completely destroyed. Sure it’s convenient, but as what cost?

Many will say all I need is a keyboard and mouse and I’m set, but what about plugins? What are you going to do when you get all excited about viewing web pages on your TV to find out that the site your going to has a crucial plugin that’s not supported buy your new fangled console browser. What then? Youtube isn’t Youtube without the video’ part of it. I guess you could imagine that your watching the video that’s supposed to be in that empty space on the page while you frantically shift the page left and right just to see the entire thing. Then many will scream “but it can be updated”. Sure that probably will be the case, but it won’t be quick enough. I’m not going to put up with whole blocks of a site’s functionality missing.

Are you willing to wait for an update to support some new format that hasn’t been thought of yet to only view it on a page that has horrendous formatting to boot? If you aren’t willing to put up with it , just use your damn computer. Chances are you already have one anyway.

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Hilarious Mad Tv Sketch Of A Hardcore Gamer

As funny as this video is, it does a huge disservice to the reputation of gamers. As we all know, gamers reputations are terrible as it is. This doesn’t help at all. The end of the skit shows exactly what I’m talking about. Neverless I still laughed my ass off.

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An up close look at the Wii

Here’s a short video of IGN’s Matt Casamassina as he gives a in depth look at the Wii and it’s Wiimote Controller. Enjoy!