Twitter: Why aren’t thou scalable?

Any user of the Twitter service has more than likely noticed that it has a problem. No, not that kind a problem, but a problem of scalability. You see, scalability is this thing you have to have when your user base exponentially grows and you continually get hammered with more and more requests. Unfortunately, Twitter hasn’t been doing such a great job of scaling up and it shows when the service goes down time to time.

And when TriXie ( team, you may have seen her here and there, most notably as of late with Community Confidential on Inside Xbox) declares the following, the streams must have been crossed, the inter dimensional portals have all collapsed, cats and dogs are sleeping together, Ghost Rider has become a good movie, and/or Micheal Jackson has turned human again. Ohhh the humanity!

TriXie trixie360 guess what Twitter? I’m cheating on you with Pownce!


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