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Sony Gamer’s Day 2007


Is there a reason to buy the PS3 for games now? Maybe.

PS3 l33t

Dislike G4 or not, this is pretty funny.

You’ve Gone and Done It Now, SIXAXIS!

Yesterday was the final straw, I can no longer remain silent. In life, I’m a very patient man but when it comes to my games, that’s far from the truth. Last night, my SIXAXIS bugged out on my Wife twice in Go!Sudoku alone and anyone in a relationship knows what that means.

I wonder why Microsoft chose not to use bluetooth? ummmmmm. It’s still 2.4ghz, but I don’t recall my 360 controller having a conniption. SIXAXIS, you fail!

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Sony uses freshly-slaughtered goat to promote sales of God of War II – WTF?

Sony, in another great marketing move, decided to use a freshly slaughtered goat and entice people to reach into its carcass and eat offal hidden within. Yum!

Note to Sony PR and Marketing. YOU FAIL! That is all. This is a shame, because God of War 2 is such a fantastic game. Cory Barlog should defect for this.

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Ken Kutaragi Steps Down From His Position At Sony

Ken Kutaragi, has announced that he is stepping down from his executive position at Sony. Of course, the conspiracy theorists will go nutso over this one, but nomatter what you may think, he is one of the forefathers of modern gaming. The Playstaion 3’s bad numbers we are sure played a part, but whether or not u like him, he will be missed.

He will be missed for sure. No more PR nightmare quotes from Ken. Oh Noes! Remember, we’ll want to work extra hours to get a PS3. Who are we going to look up to at Sony to say idioctic thing’s now. Oh wait, they are plenty of people left.

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“Hardcore” Playstation 3 DIY Cabinet

Gerald had designed and had a customized cabinet made to house a Playstation 3 and a PC station inside his garage-turned-martial arts gym! Dual Sony Bravia LCDs for Virtua Fighter 5 action in high definition glory.

This is pretty damn nice, but there’s only one problem with it. If you’ve read any of my posts over the last 11 months or so you can probably guess what the problem with this setup is. Yes it’s the Playstation 3. Why PS3? If it’s only to play Virtual Fighter 5 now then I can understand. I have nothing against the PS3 per se, but the fact that it comes from Sony is enough for me. If this thing had a Xbox 360 in it instead I’d offer to buy it from him. That is if I had that kind of money to through down. In other words great setup, but heavy modifications would be in store.

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Jaffe: I Would Not Have Included Blu-ray in PS3

In somewhat of a shocker, God of War creator David Jaffe has admitted that if he could change something about PS3, he would have removed its Blu-ray player and sold the console at a cheaper price. He also revealed that he might one day found his own independent studio.

It’s great to see that someone inside of Sony has the balls to say something outside of the company line. Pushing Blu-ray on Playstation 3 owners is wrong. Taking choice out of the hands of the consumer is exactly what is not needed.

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PS3 – Making Marketing a ‘Comeback’?

It’s hard to say that a console needs a comeback after being on the market not even 5 months, and SCEA certainly wouldn’t call it that, but Peter Dille, SCEA’s SVP of Marketing, does acknowledge that marketing the PS3 is an “ongoing education effort.” We speak with Dille about Sony’s marketing efforts and post-launch challenges.
Much more inside.

Ummm……Comeback all they want, but $600 dollars is still hard to swallow.

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Sony Announces PlayStation 3 Global Recall

Sony Corp. announced today a global recall of the PlayStation 3 video game and entertainment system after accepting customers complaints that the system could not perform all the features as advertised by the company.

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PS3 hard to develop for? No says Sigma dev

Yosuke Hayashi, director of Ninja Gaiden Sigma which is due out on PS3 later this year, has said that developers claiming that PS3 is hard to develop for is just an “excuse to the consumer”.

Call me crazy, but if you’ve seen or played any of the games that Team Ninja have worked on or created you’d know that they are very much unlike the ordinary development team. It’s pretty safe to call them super mutant programmers. No matter what platform it is, you’ll know that they’ll get the most out of it. Itagaki and team have gotten “pretty” down to a tee.

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