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R.I.P James Kim

This is a very sad time for the tech community in lite of the news of James Kim’s passing. I can’t speak for everyone but I feel like I lost a friend even though we’ve never met nor did he ever know who I am. Needless to say though, nevermind that because it doesn’t matter if we met or not. The times and joy of watching him on Techtv and Cnet will be greatly missed by me and I’m sure everyone that he has influenced.
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CNET’s James Kim and family missing

We’ve received word that a respected member of our tech community, James Kim (whom many of you may know as CNET’s senior editor of digital audio), and his family have gone missing. As we understand it, last weekend James, his wife Kati (above right), and his very young girls Penelope (left) and Sabine (baby), drove from their home in the SF Bay Area to Seattle.

What terrible news. Like everyone else I have very found memories of James going back to his days at ZD/Tech Tv before Cnet. Hopefully everything is alright.

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source: Engadget 

Sony may not meet lowered PlayStation 3 targets after all

Launch supplies of the PlayStation 3 may be even tighter than expected, as Sony again warns that production issues may keep it from hitting its revised target of 2 million PS3 shipments by the end of this calendar year.

How much worse can it get? Good news though is that it can’t get any worse. That is until we finally get our hands on this thing and it brakes. What a nightmare that would be for Sony! To bad all those misinformed and uninformed consumers out there have no clue this is happening. I don’t know if I should feel sorry for them or just plain po’ed of there lack of willingness to not be in the dark about everything.

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DigitalBill of Wizards of Technology has passed away.

We’ve heard some very shocking and sad news. Our longtime friend, colleague, and supporter Bill Douthett (DigitalBill) has passed away suddenly. Bill was an amazing guy… He was one of the first podcasters I ever listened to, and although his show kind of faded, I think he did a lot for the community. From the joy of tech website.

What a shocker! I’ll admit that I haven’t listened to his show in quite some time because of the inconsistency, but enjoyed them when I did. It’s going to be quite weird to know that I won’t be hearing his voice anymore. Every time I heard his voice it reminded me of David Schwimmer. Neverless my heart goes out to his family and close friends.

Good bye Ross, I mean Bill.

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ThinkPad explodes at LAX, ignites bomb scare

In a time when you’re not even allowed to say the word “bomb” in an airport (hey, it’s for good reason), it’s got to be like, really freaking embarrassing to have to run up the jetway at full speed, shoving other passengers out of the way as your flaming laptop explodes on the ground

Wow!!! I guess it’s not limited to Apple and Dell. I took my laptop with me threw the airport recently. I couldn’t have imagined mine going up in flames on me.

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