Racism on Xbox Live.

Microsoft has never acknowledged the sad truth about the racism problem that seems to be getting worse on Xbox Live everyday. Many mainstream gamers who have no concept of what on-line gaming even is are quite unaffected when it comes to this. Therefore many companies will decide to sweep it under the rug only because the percentage of people affected by it are on the small side. This should not matter in the least.

I have been a member of Xbox Live for about a year and a half now and have had a great time, but occasionally there is that time I end up playing with an idiot who fells anything goes, just because I can’t see them acting like a buffoon. The first time this occurred was well over a year ago. I ignored it, figuring that I had just been unfortunate to have experienced it. That was the first time, remember. Months went by before it occurred again. Figuring this was going to be a thing I had to come across very infrequently I shrugged it off again. Don’t get me wrong here. I have experienced countless acts of  racism during my life so far. I take these things very seriously, but this was on the small scale.

Lately I have been privied to these racist pigs allot more frequently than I hope for. Microsoft has a complaint system built into Xbox Live but it doesn’t seem to be doing any good. Why doesn’t Microsoft acknowledge this problem? It obviously is a growing issue for them. I have read many message board threads all over the web with the same complaints I am voicing here. I have played with many people from different corners of the world, many from the United Kingdom. Lately I have been playing allot of Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter on Xbox Live where racist seem to be rampant everywhere. It must stop.

You can track my Xbox 360 here. On a lighter note. This is were my activity on My 360 is blogged about automatically for me. It’s very cool, especially where there’s no work involved on my end for it to go off without a hitch. If your have a Xbox Live gamertag check it out. Start your own 360 blog.


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  1. ShadowedSoldier

    Yeah i agree i just played a game with a kid on COD2 named British SAS 69 who is a total asshole about americans. i didnt even start anything and he was unsporting

  2. I feel you. I can’t tell you how many times the n bomb gets dropped by priviledged white kids in xbox live games. It disgusts me. My only solace is knowing that if they came to my neighborhood they would never dare utter a word.

  3. If only it were possible for me to reach my arm through my headset and ring these idiots necks.

  4. It’s all Kramer’s fault.

  5. HAVOCinurpants

    well it seems that it is okay now to be to say what you want and if people dont like it then they have to suffer beacuse you dont like it well then maybe you should play online it is there world that we are going into and you think they care about youre feelings i dont think so i am not saying this in defense i am saying it cause it is reality all the websites in the world aint gonna stop them

  6. This is particularly true for blacks or even those who are mixed. I know one instance where I said I was black/Native American and a lot of players jumped on me using racial terms that I can’t state right now.

    I mean look at it this way. If the U.S. expects to have a solid reputation around the world and if we want to believe that China’s “human rights” report on us is pure propaganda for example, then companies like Microsoft better step up and defend those values for which we stand and unite under. This is the least Microsoft can do. Freedom is not doing what you want to do, but it’s doing what you OUGHT to do.

  7. did a search and this was the first website i came across so far…the reason being that I am exposed to that nonsense everyday on Xbox Live. I’m Italian/Black so i do take offense to the remarks made by these individuals. There has to be a way to punish these racists. I really don’t know what anyone’s race and cultural background has to do with video games. The sad part is, a majority of them are teenagers and even younger!
    It would be cool if you could have quick access to an Xbox Live moderator who could listen in on the fly (like a panic button type thing) and catch these Neanderthals while they spit forth their hatred…Its getting worse everyday

  8. I just played a game and this 2 guys and a girl , just starting making racist remarks about Hispanics. It was very unpleasant and it kind of inspired me to see if somebody else had a similar experience. I’ve seen this more frequently on xbox live, I hope that Microsoft develops something to follow up on this cases and do something about it.It’s sad that in this century there are still people that have so much hatred towards anybody that’s different.

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  11. You know, I recently picked up the game skate. for the 360. I made my character a black guy because I thought that would be pretty hip, but the very first online session I joined, I immediately had some racist comments. One kid kept saying things like “Oh it’s a black guy!”, “There’s always one freaking black guy – what’s up with that.” After this kid said, “Oh crap I just knocked over the black guy!” (after he accidently ran into me), another person said “That’s actually a good thing.”

    No one threw out the ‘n’ word, but I was still completely disgusted, offended, and incensed. I can imagine that I’ll see worse if I continue to use this character online. I really didn’t have any idea that there was still so much racism in the world. It also occurs to me that young impressionable people who are playing on Xbox Live, are likely to begin using racist language and adopting racist sentiments because it seems to be the ‘status quo’ online.

    This proves that racism is still a serious problem, which I was ignorant to, (probably because I can’t really conceive of why a person would have that kind of unfounded hatred for an entire group of people based on how much melanin their body produces) I mean I knew that there was still racism, but I guess I just thought that there was less of it than it seems there actually still is.

    • Its too bad u had to experience that kind of hate. I thank u for being honest because alot of people say racism doesn’t exists’ but i wouldn’t wish anybody to be a black man like myself because it’s a 24/7 attack on my skin color all of my life. At least all u have to do is create another character with lighter skin and u should be fine.

    • Wow man I experience that too! It’s sad do

  12. being relatively new to the whole xbox live thing (I’ve only had it for just under a year) I was astounded when playing Rainbow Six Vegas to hear the amount of rasism that is generated. Though I did find this mainly isolated to when I was playing with Americans, they were derogatory about blacks and hispanics, using the ‘n’ word a lot and constant ‘what do you call…’ jokes. The really worrying thing is that most of these people where children? What the hell are their parents and schools teaching them? I would say ban these people straight away but maybe Microsoft should adopt a three strike system where by you are totally banned from EVER being able to have XBOX LIVE. And the other times you should be banned for a month or something. Either way MIRCOSOFT should stand up and decide what side of the fence it wants to stand.


  14. its americans i find alot of time trying to be cool with callin evreyone bitches and niggas, i dont really care because i no ther mostly a bunch of geek wiggas.

  15. i just got off gears of war and i was talking to my freind and a guy said shut up niggers then i was like why you gotta say that and he said hes tired of niggers taking over the white mans video games and he was serious and for like 5 games in a row they were being racist and the people who said they werent started to hate to

  16. America has problems

    Just got off of playing Halo 3 and constantly there is a dumb*ss who tries to be funny and make racial comments. The only real defense you have is if someone counters what they say, you laugh. It really pisses them off because they know you interpret them as a joke, and don’t take them seriously but the truth is a majority of Americans and internationals think like this towards blacks.

    It seems no matter where you go nowadays you see the ill-hatred towards you just because of your skin color. To me it’s the most idiotic thing in the known universe to discriminate. I kinda wish some of these idiots were out in Iraq on the front line. They want to eradicate other races so much, well give them their chance. Bunch of *ussies if you ask me.

    COnstantly you have your white counterparts tell you to not pull the race card, and then you experience **** like this after paying over $700 for console, games, and an Xbox Live account, and MS STILL CAN’T DO **** TO STOP IT AND BETTER ACCOMADATE THEIR CUSTOMERS. 😡

  17. I think some of the remarks are just coming from people that like to heckle. They get off on dropping the n word just to raise a stir. And then there are those that are racists behind a gamer tag. I should take a job with xbox live customer service just to gain access to those accounts and broadcast their info 🙂

  18. Anyone know how many people have been banned from Xbox Live due to racism?

  19. theordinarygamer

    It’s sad that anominity brings out the worst in people. If it grounds my comments at all, I am a white male and I wouldn’t classify myself as racist. However, the vile comments I have heard in online game sickens me. The only reason I play games is to have fun. Indeed, I enjoy the expierence “gaming” with people around the world-of different colors and cultures. I think if Microsoft doesn’t do something fast subcribers will soon leave for greener pastures.

  20. Youth Today is a magazine that covers youth issues for people who run programs for kids, and we’d like to do a quick story on this subject. If anybody would like to share a specific incident involving racism on XBox Live, I would love to hear it.


    • I am an American(Black). I love playing video games and so does my family. I don’t know who to talk to or who to go to about the amount of racism my family and i go thru everytime we play games online. I own a Wii and Xbox 360 and we play everyday. I have been called nigger,coon,monkey,etc.and my kids have been called alligator bait while playing Super Smash Bros. online and im sooo sick of it! I spend so much, so much money, hard earned money on games and accessories to have a pleasant gaming experience and when i put my games into the console, it opens up a world me or my children are not exposed to on this level. Yes, i have been called all type of racist names before, right to my face, my wife’s face and we just walk away because we cant afford to give in to hate. But my kids sometimes get off the Wii crying because they are being mocked, racially profiled and yelled at by grown racists adults and im very upset about this! I dont allow my kids to play their games online anymore, and its not fair to them. I spent all this cash on these consoles just for them not to be enjoyed because of the exposure to these evil people! Im just a regular American like anyone else thats raises their family with good values.and now we are being puninished for being an American. Before considering a black man, i see myself as an American first and foremost. I dont know about Africa and my desent. I dont know their language they speak or anything else so i dont call myself an African-American. IM JUST AN AMERICAN.( i respect my forefathers,so i mean no offense). When will it ever end people?? I just want to be looked at as an American. Thats all we know is where we are born and raised. I love America but there are alot of people that hate our skin color so much, that they would yell at me, my wife and children for no reason because they feel that we don’t belong here or are animals. They call my children subhuman nigger chimps for no reason!! It hurts so bad inside as a Father to see my childern cry because they don’t understand what they did and the only thing i can say to them is im sorry for bringing u guys in this world to be treated like this. They are 9 and 12. And i can’t type nomore because of how emotional it makes me feel to be sharing this with anyone who is willing to read this. I am American u racists people! I am. Please be nice to people and children because you dont know how bad u hurt people. And God looks down on All of you people that have so much hate in ur hearts and u will be judged one day for treating other people with different shades of color to their skin. Its not right! Ur taking away the chance to be a good person.

  21. Yep! racism is alive and well and with new technology racism has found a new way to reveal itself… I’ve been playing Call of Duty 4 (great game) for the last couple of months on xbox live and have been called “nigger” probaly more than a hundred times and the comments were unwarranted… I don’t fight racism with racism so I don’t give it back, it’s just as ignorant… but it lets you know that nothings change and these people are litterally sick in the head… Just two days ago I played the game with a clan called “Tbag” and they sound to be arrogant white teenagers who said all kinds of common racist stereotypical jargon directed towards me… The worst being “M.L.K. was a bitch all he did was speak at a podium”…

    The sad truth is this is getting worse everyday and it let’s you know that white american males are still the most ignorant ppl in the world, and that they (the racist ones) are over privileged kids who haven’t earned anything in life… They are really not men at all… just foul mouth spoiled brats… (The Brits are actually very cool!)

    I take solace in knowing that they ALL are not like that considering I’ve made a few friends with some white males who’ve asked me to join their clan based upon my skills and have never said any degrading comment towards anyone…

    The racists ones are really just coward hearted, uneducated, misinformed, people who hide behind the internet… They would never say it in your face…

    It’s 2008 and people still just don’t get it… All people are the same…

  22. Thanks to all of you for your comments on this. It has caused me to write about this issue once more over at The Xbox Domain.

  23. If you do not like the talk, then join the family chat community. You do have the option to filter what you do and do not hear.

  24. i play the ps3 and there isnt as many racist remarks on there as xbox live. i went to my friends house, and heard how the ppl were talking i couldnt believe it how these young ppl were talking and was wondering if there parents are the same way. if so racism is still around and might be worse than i thought. because these young kids are getting these remarks from somewhere. and microsoft needs to do something because i know a lot of ppl who lef xox live and came to the ps3 because of these racist individuals

  25. i haven’t seen any racism on xbox live. nigger, a hilarious word, is used constantly, but that doesn’t mean its use is racist. no one refuses to play with another player because he is black, or offers preferential treatment to another because he is white. that’s racism. using the words nigger, spear chucker, porch monkey, etc., is not.

    • “i haven’t seen any racism on xbox live. nigger, a hilarious word, is used constantly, but that doesn’t mean its use is racist. no one refuses to play with another player because he is black, or offers preferential treatment to another because he is white. that’s racism. using the words nigger, spear chucker, porch monkey, etc., is not.”

      You’re an idiot. It’s a racial slur, born out of racism, directed at others out of hate, but only those who are black. Only uneducated people who know nothing about racism from a sociological standpoint think that its only definition is “As long as we don’t deny you anything other than the right to be here without having your race be the subject of our negativity, it’s not racism”.

      But I wouldn’t expect anything less from someone who thinks the word nigger is hilarious. What about the word do you find amusing and are you white? If the answer to the latter is yes and you give real thought to the answer to the former, then perhaps age about 10 years, you’ll either look back at this and realize how stupid you were or you’ll be the CEO of a company somewhere.

  26. I feel you brothers! Just the other day I was playing with a clan that was probably the worst when it comes to racism. They called themselves “FNF,” which they said stood for “Fuc* Nigge*s Forever. They were saying things like: White power, fuc* you nigge*, I can hear your big nigge* lips flapping around, nword tim, Do I hear a nigge*, and many, many more things that I found to be very offensive. Two people in particular from that clan were by themselves worse than anything I had ever experienced. Their tags were “DA20 Pilot,” and “DarkLordGreg.” This is really getting old. Whatever racism I had heard before, these two completely redefined racism. I just hope the two see this and realize that although it may not have an effect now, it probably will in the future. I am black, and although most of the stuff they said was unthinkable, just a slight majority of it was actually slightly clever and funny, but nonetheless racist.

  27. I encountered those fags too. Except it wasn’t those too, it was Chronic, Killasnipe, StrykerBOdom, and there was one other one but i cant remember their name. I know whatcha mean bra, this racism shit every single fucking game, day after day is getting really old. To my fellow niggas out dere, you know and I know that Microsoft and tha faggot Bill Gates ain’t gonna do shit bout it, so I say we just ingore that shit and put up wit those crackas and rednecks. BLACK POWER NIGGAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! FUCK WHITES!!

    • i know ur upset @HusalahHus but if u start acting like the racists people, ur gonna build up hate in ur heart and thats what they want. They want u to burn in hell with them and their hate. I know it’s hard because it’s a 24/7 for the rest of our life struggle but we can control ourselves and our heart so we dont grow hate in ourselves.

  28. its time for a class action suit. why should we have to endure a hostile gaming environment just becuase we are who we are? the fact is, microsoft easily could’ve made ‘racism’ a criteria for filing a complaint on someone, instead of ‘in game voice’. problem is, they’d lose thousands of accounts…its 2008 and i’ve been on XBL since day 1. enduring this bs from the start. its time for microsoft to address this issue once and for all.



  30. evilresident

    so it’s okay to be racist if you’re black then??
    fucking hypocrits.

  31. evilresident: I don’t know if you saw any of the comments made previously before I deleted them, but it really doesn’t matter who’s being racist or derogatory. Your right with what you said, but its ultimately sad that we’re having this conversation in the first place.

  32. I am a black cuban and my husband is black and I have heard him get called a N more then I ever want to hear. I get discriminated on because I am a girl and because my rank is Master Sgt. and most think that i am white but once I get loud they question whether or not I am white.LOL

    But anyways I am debating on whether or not to keep my XBOX account. My husband will be deploying soon and if Halo3 stays the way that it is I am not going to play XBOX for at least a year and maybe longer.

    I am just surprised that MS has not done anything about this, I definitely don’t want my kids to play MS if it stays like this. I refuse to endorse a product that sets us back as black people

  33. “NATEDETROIT, on April 17th, 2008 at 9:10 pm Said:
    its time for a class action suit. why should we have to endure a hostile gaming environment just becuase we are who we are? the fact is, microsoft easily could’ve made ‘racism’ a criteria for filing a complaint on someone, instead of ‘in game voice’. problem is, they’d lose thousands of accounts…”

    YOu know a class action law suit does not sound bad after all. I paid for my XBOX and my account, I am a paying customer this is not a free service and me being a consumer I should at least be 95% happy with the service that I paid for. I think they would lose about 2% of there current users if this did come into affect but I think they would gain about 10% in good people that were turned off by there experience with verbally abusive users. More people would let there kids use it if it was not such a hostile online gaming environment.

  34. Carly: As a writer about mostly Xbox I’d have to say that canceling your account isn’t necessary. Using your friends list to it’s fullest is what I’d advise. Turn on the friends list only voice filter. Its a sad semi solution, but it does work.

    Ultimately when you look at it, there’s nothing Microsoft can do until after the fact and after multiple complaints are made against any one given person to keep from wrongly punishing anyone because of grudges.

  35. Mark Johnsen


  36. look at that filth. disgusting. so brave over the internet…
    anyway, i encounter trash like him all the time. in fact i’ll fwd this to the microsoft rep i’ve been playing email tag with for the last month. i’ll post a copy of microsoft’s most recent reply.

  37. —————————–
    Hi, Nate!

    Thank you for writing Xbox Customer Support!

    We deeply apologize for the inconvenience that you may have at the moment.

    It sounds like this has been a very frustrating experience for you.

    I understand how frustrating this experience may have been for you and for how long you have endured all of this maltreatment. Nate, loosing a game is onething but if you lose your heart with it thats a different story. Trash talk is really a thing for hardcore gamers, this is a means of psyching out opponents and making them succumb to defeat. If you have selected a level in Xbox Live (underground), you must be ready for all of this and expect the worst of them all. Test your skill and your heart to face all the tough challenges ahead of you and prove your strength and your will to overcome all of them and beat them in their game (that I know you are capable of). Name callings is really in-humane and unethical. hence, racism is not a thing in Xbox Live and if it is we cannot play or join in (can we?). Xbox Live stands in fair play and a field to test your will and skills, and if in some way you may feel that the person expresses excessive actions against you there’s an option where you can file a complaint and diciplinary actions will be implemented. If you know the player, you have the option to provide feedback on that player or even avoid playing with that player. We are really sorry for the inconvenience and we thank you for your time and understanding. (don’t lose your heart)

    If you need to reply to this e-mail, please reply ‘with history’ (include any previous e-mail) so we can expedite our service to you.

    You may also call Xbox Phone Support (US, Canada and Puerto Rico) at 1-800-4MYXBOX (1-800-469-9269) at your earliest convenience, and we’ll be happy to help you. We are open everyday from 8am to 12mn US Central Time. The international support hotline (direct dial to US) is 425-635-7180.

    To expedite service, please provide Service Request Number 106747**** when you call.

    Thank you for visiting Xbox.com. If you should have future questions on Xbox products or services, please be sure to revisit our Web site as we are continually adding information to enhance our service.

    We appreciate your continued support as we strive to provide you with the highest quality service available.

    Xbox Customer Care Team

  38. “Thewilleffect” Thanks I never knew that the friends only voice option was a option I will search for it tonight. I have been playing for a couple of days now and it seems like everyone is being so nice lately and not trash talking. I have been making a lot of friends and I have even muted a couple of people or left games early because of the remarks.

    But now I can say that I am having a great time on Halo3. Also I have changed my thing from “recreational use” to ” family mode” I think that has helped but I don’t understand why I still play people that have there profiles set to “underground”. Most of you on here sound like really cool people and I would love to add you all to my gamertag but I definitely don’t want the FNF or the Black power dude to have my gamertag. Thankfully most of the white people I assume they are, they all say that they don’t do that and that it’s childish to say racist things.

    The message that microsoft sent you, it seems like they aren’t going to do anything about the situation.

  39. carly: To change your voice settings, select your gamercard then select edit profile then privacy settings. The first option is voice. Set it to friends only and you’re all set. Now you’ll only hear people that are on your friends list.

  40. I experience far too much racism on Live. It’s pretty sad actually, I have to miss out on a great part of the gaming experience (teamwork) because I primarily play shooters with my headset off! Isn’t there some sort of website where anti-racist gamers can exchange gamertags and add each other to their friends list? That would be great! You know, I play games for FUN! I play to RELAX! It’s neither fun, nor relaxing when I have to hear the hatred spewing from the mouths of the ignorant. Funny thing is that I’m sure the majority of the idiots I encounter wouldn’t dare say what they’re saying to to my face. I feel cheated in a way. Why should I have to have my headset off/muted to prevent my blood pressure from rising?

  41. Oh, and another thing! The same bigots that complain about affirmative action don’t realize that they are the ones keeping it alive!! Hate to be sitting across from one of these “Web Racists” during an interview. Thanks for the half-mil house FNF! 😉

  42. why are those who talk shit over the internet so brave but wouldnt step foot in a “ghetto neighborhood ” and go up to a black/hispanic or w/e and say a racist slur? hmm i tell ya… faggits and geeks

  43. why are those who talk shit over the internet so brave but wouldnt step foot in a “ghetto neighborhood ” and go up to a black/hispanic or w/e and say a racist slur? hmm i tell ya… faggits and geeks.

  44. I can’t believe some people still think that dropping the N bomb is ok. I am black, I also am a vet and i pay the same amount of money to use live. i guess my problem is that it is so easy for people to dismiss this as just something small.
    this is why i love playing on the pc, because at least there when someone calls me a nigger, i know that their ignorant ass will be kicked and or banned. Microsoft has let me down, the complaint system is a joke, vulgar language? i laughed when i saw that. what about a section where it gets real, like so n so is an anti Semite or a klan member. better yet just have monoraters to monitor players randomly who receive complaints based on racism?
    i don’t think i have the answers to peoples ignorance or how to solve world problems, but it would be nice to be able to play without being subjected to the obscene and intolerable.
    all that money they make off of us shouldn’t they do a better job to make the gaming world a little more fun and a little less ignorant?

  45. XboxLive Guy from Britain

    Grand Theft Auto4 and Call of Duty 4 is rife with idiots shouting ‘nigger this, nigger that’ and its really starting to ruin the fun, but it seems for the mostly to be the Americans. Especially young american kids most worringly, as well as americans in general,and the opinion I have formed, perhaps its a ironic generalisation sterotype, is that all Americans are rasict…only as I’ve seen SOOOO many on XBL

    Yet perhaps concidenately the only other game I play on Xbox Live Pro Evoluation Soccer 2008 (a football game) with no Americans only Europeons i only heard rasicm once or twice……but its quite scary how rasict people truly are, and how even now the world we live in rasicm is still rife and Xbox live seems be creating more and more rasicm, as rasicm is a learned behaviour.

    Bob Marley One Love

  46. The problem is detachment (ignoring critics of this e.g jack Thompson) people will do things in/on a computer they wouldn’t in real life.
    e.g GTA i run round firing a weapon for fun, real life i have bets with friends on who can eat the most raw eggs. This is our self defense mechanism that stops us from being twats outside of gaming.

    So in games we tend to say things we wouldn’t say outside a video game like “why aren’t u dead i shot u in the face”

    Thus inevitably when we get play online people decide its appropriate to say reggin and fat american and british faggot because they sever there ties with reality.


    Pls note if you are going to be racist on xbox live or anywhere act like there is a guy of the ethnicity you are going to insult and remember you wouldn’t in real life

  47. P.s the reason Microsoft is unable to do anything about is the huge cost of having staff go and check each complaint on xbox live our best shot is to make note of those who are abusive and spam them with hate filled messages. You know like the Spanish inquisition except routing out racists and burning them with hate filled messages.

  48. Another pre-pubescent trying to stir things up, unlucky kidda we have seen it all before, when you commit to genocide or even common assault then maybe people will take note of your clear hatred for an identical human being with the minor difference of skin tone.

  49. Just bought 360, just tried live multiplayer, hated it. I’m 37, so yeah I know I’m old but right away got annoyed hearing stupid white kids throwing out n-word as casually as they would say “jerk” or “goof”. I’m white but still totally annoyed these stupid kids. I don’t think they’re all racist, its almost like they are too stupid to even realize what they are saying makes them racist. All the rappers these white suburban kids listening too saying nigger all the time doesn’t help either. They need to learn some history… watch some old Richard Pryor who used to say it all the time like it was ok to call other black guys but they went to south africa and realized it was never a good word.

  50. Okay listen up, i have a few points to make

    point #1: ALOT OF YALL NIGGAS ARE WAY OVER SENSITIVE. just because the “N-WORD” is spoken it does not indicate racism. I personally, a “priviledged white kids” use the word frequently i was raised around many black people and have more black friends than white and i understand that a nigger is and ignorant person such as FNF and a nigga is a male. so quit being racist in the sense that black people can say nigger or “nigga” and white people cant either stop saying it urself or shut the fuck up if someone else says it.

    point #2: there are many racist people out there and these are the only niggers i know. but the key is you dont have to listen to it and there are many matches out there, i have played them myself, where there is not a single racist comment made so quit and move to a different match and quit crying about it

    point #3: FNF u are the biggest nigger i have ever seen so fuck u maybe u should do the world a favor and kill ur fucking redneck nigger ass or better yet i would like to see u say the things u said on here to a real black person. it would be a pleasure watchin u being curb stomped by multiple real niggas and then tied to a cross and burned like the faggot u are

  51. “I don’t think they’re all racist, its almost like they are too stupid to even realize what they are saying makes them racist”

    Nothing u can say makes u racist, being racist makes u say certain things but racism is a mindset and a lifestyle. u make a clear choice to be racist see nigger nigger nigga nigger im gonna kill that nigga bc he took my money, that nigga just stepped on my shoes, what up nigga, where my niggas at. these are things that i say and have said recently none of which make me racist bc i have no hateful feelings towards black people just peole in general who steel my money or step on my shoes. also hating niggers does not make me racist whether u are black white asian or latino if ur a racist or just completely ignorant ur a nigger. so quit being ignorant and realize that NIGGER IS ONLY A WORD AND HAS ONLY AS MUCH POWER AS U GIVE IT. BLACK PEOPLE NEXT TIME SOMEONE CALLS U A NIGGER SAY SOMETHING TO THE EFFECT OF “THATS WHATS UP NIGGA” OR “DAMN NIGGA CHILL OUT” AND WHITE PEOPLE IF SOMEONE SAYS SOMETHING TO U ABOUT SAYING NIGGA IN A NON DEROGATORY WAY SAY SOMETHING LIKE ” I DONT SEE A PROBLEM NIGGA” OR “NIGGA THATS JUST THE WAY I TALK” AS I DO.

  52. Glenn: I believe you’ve missed the entire point. No one should have to alter their experience with online gaming just because we should “get” your or anyone else’s intent behind your words. Like you said, you have no hateful feelings towards black people, just people in general. So, why does it have to include the use of the “N” word with it. What you mean by the use of that would is irrelevant when none of us are mind readers.

    When I go online to play a game I shouldn’t have to turn anything off, as at that point everyone there should realize that they are having an impact on the experience of everyone else their interacting with. You may say it’s only a word, and that’s true, but that’s not an excuse to fall back on “your intent” when you choose to use it.

  53. the main point i am trying to make is that it only has the power u give it. u cant change what other people say or think but if u honor it with a response it only encourages it. the people who say “nigger” with the intent of hurting someone will stop eventually if they realize that it is hurting no one. there is no way to punish every person who says it and the responses that this word invokes are often as ignorant and offensive as the original word used. therefore the people who respond in that way have no right to complain bc u have just lowered urself to that level . so let everyone say it and ignore it, before u know it it will be a non offensive part of the english vocab such as cracker has become. i do not know of a single white person including myself that would be offended by the word cracker. most would laugh and not give it a second thought. take a lesson from that and do the same with the word “nigger”

  54. facts straight

    but people say the n-word while already hating you b/c of your skin color….so they will not stop. Some ppl will, but it is not that easy

  55. We as an xbox live community should take responsibility for reporting these idiots.me personally will post the players name on my info tag,and what was said.maybe someone should make a website and post these gamers names so they can be avoided,and or harassed.xbox is about gaming really,not recruiting for the kkk,orto hear your views.SHUT UP AND PLAY!!!!


  57. Herc da Jerk hit the nail on the head. At the end of the day, if MS banned everyone who uses the word nigger and talks about how niggers are stupid, niggers are ugly, niggers smell, etc, there would be no one left on Xbox Live EXCEPT blacks.

    Ignorant white males between the ages of 13 and 45 make up the primary demographic of Xbox Live. You will NEVER beat the majority. It’s as simple as that.

    As for Herc da Jerk’s statement that racism doesn’t alter the fun of gameplay, I wonder how much racism you’ve actually faced in your life.

    If you had a sister and she was raped and then at some point you invited her to play games with you and as soon as the guys on there heard her voice and realized she was a female and starting saying things like, “Hey, bitch, I’ll fucking rape your cunt, you fucking whore. We’ll gang rape you, bitch!!!”

    Would you still enjoy your gameplay? Would you think your sister was stupid if she got upset about strangers shouting at her that they’re going to rape her considering the real life trauma you know she went through?

    Race is no different. Maybe for someone who has never been a victim of racism OFFline it’s not a big deal, but if you have, you can imagine that when you come home at the end of the day to play a video game – something that you’re doing to relax, have fun, and let go of the stress of the day – you don’t want to come home to hearing the same ignorant shit you just had to listen to out on the streets or at work or at school.

    And yes, there’s a difference between trash talking and racism. Trash talking focuses on and relates to the game. “I’ll get 20 headshots off you with my pistol before you even get a kill, noob”. Racism focuses on race. “Why don’t you go back to Africa, nigger?”

    If you can’t tell the difference between the two, I feel sorry for you.

  58. the people who moderate xbox and the forums are nothing but a bunch of racist americans anyway

    get rid of the racist moderators on the xbox live forums and get rid of the forums

  59. Angry Female Gamer

    I recently subscribed to the 1 month offer of Live Gold, I will not be renewing it ever again. Putting aside the underhand tactics people use on Arcade Games (standby, game design faults to force you to quit early, thus losing points), the racism is widespread. Not just the obvious racist remarks, but bombarding people of non-white skin with abusive texts, putting white supremacist literature and sayings on their profile… and unfortunate to say, a lot of the girls/”ladies” are doing it as well… racism is spreading, not dying out. The moderators, who have a reponsibility to look after ALL members, know that by enforcing their terms of agreement, they would actually be banning plenty of fee paying racists, thus do nothing.

  60. Personally I think the entertainment value, white people gain from using words such as nigger, coon etc… is more important than the feelings of that sub-human derilict, genetic wastes of skin and skulls feelings?? If you know what I mean. Blacks need to be put in there place in society. Their feellngs are hardly relevant in any issue.

    • Why is it people that think like you only have the balls to spew this racism only over the saftey of the internet or when you outnumber someone? You know what that makes you? it makes you a punk and a coward.

  61. Akimbo Assassin

    LoL, every time I come across racism on Xbox Live or playing WoW, I wait for the next white person to cross my path IRL and make they’re life a living hell as much as I can.

    So whities, every time you drop a N-bomb in COD4 one of your brethrens gets punched in the nose and Gang-banged IRL lol

  62. Look am shit of u black ppl all ways crying wolf u act like u don’t call us shit on there to.its always the same shit its caz am black that your fucking with me well u know what get the fuck over it. its 2009 we don’t o u shit maybe the white ppl are calling u a nigger caz you are acting like one did u think of that but its ok for u to say cracker right but whatever this will never stop online or in the world so deal with it and grow up. P.s. If u agree u can hit me up online gamertag hotporkexpress. And that’s on xboxlive

  63. Hey hotporkexpress –

    Ever though about using proper sentence structure, you prepubescent bitch?

    Keep waiting for your testicles to drop.

  64. Okay, here is the problem. I have a black avatar, so they assume that I’m black (good assumption). And without saying a single word, I here the phase, “We got niggers playing in here”. I just came for a friendly competition of Modern Warfare 2. Yeah, it hurts hearing some the phrases, but the worse part is other whites don’t tell them to shut up. If more white players online would take up for black players online, then the racism would decline. There is only so much Microsoft and Infinity can do. The only great times are when I’m in a clan or party that defends me.

    I hope you need a blood transplant from a black person. Have a nice day.

  65. The sad part is MS can’t really do too much about this. The only feasible option is to moderate active sessions for racism but at the same time some people would take that as in invasion of privacy seeing as how games are hosted on the Xbox itself and not a dedicated server (PC Gaming ftw). The complaint system works if enough people use it, I have seen it work plenty of times. However, its designed so that people can’t be banned because of sore losers. The best way to deal with these cowards is to beat them utterly in the game using noob tactics (Chainsaws, sword, and noobtubes!) and laugh over their remarks. That or DoS their Xboxes ^_^

  66. yeah i get called nigger on xbox live all the time its pathetic

  67. The Future of Sega

    Fuck Xbox Live and Microsoft. They are racists themselves. That’s why tolerate such bullshit. But it doesn’t matter to me because I won’t be buying another American racist product again.

    You can tell by the xbox live slogans and promotions that it’s racist….It’ aimed towards mainly one audience…

    And besides I don’t even play my 360 anymore. It’s a garbage piece of crap. 🙂


  68. they only say racist words cause they can’t say it in ur face they can only do it on xbox that wats funny cause makes them look like w**kers but someone was being racist 2 me and the joke is he live 2 mins away and he had people on his friends list i know that wat made lol so i went 2 his house and smashed him in so people can racist but they need to watch out cause if know someone on there friends list or they live in ur area there f**ked lol 🙂

  69. anyone that believes that race accounts for differences in human character or ability and that a particular race is superior to others is a (expletive) (expletive)

  70. I will emphasize that this live future was created for the joy and ease of its consumer. The idea was to have a RELAXING way to communicate with friends and others online. I have played on live for various years now and have found that racism is worse day by day even things like the gamertag are made fun of for no reason whatsoever. This is something i believe microsoft needs to witness because as it is it becomes cyber bullying. i am by-lingual and at times when i talk Spanish i am instantly ridiculed by the few uneducated and uncaring people in the game. i understand game anger where you may feel cheated out of some points but ITS A GAME. people from different cultures shouldn’t suffer hatred from those foolish self-centered people that think themselves better and superior due to genetic traits and cultural differences. begin to accept reality this cannot be left alone, just like facebook and myspace, xbox live has reached a limit to where it must be monitored to protect the minds of the young and all those who purchase the service to return the system to the calm state it was.

  71. Just use Friends Only for voice chat. It’s a whole different experience.

  72. sean :why are those who talk shit over the internet so brave but wouldnt step foot in a “ghetto neighborhood ” and go up to a black/hispanic or w/e and say a racist slur? hmm i tell ya… faggits and geeks.

    using the word faggit really makes u just as bad

  73. i can’t even use my headset and my friends list is full,because if they know i’m black i’ll lose them that’s sad…

  74. I’m 22 and I love to play on line especially MW2 but it’s my 30th time I come across a racist noob. I’m getting tire of this and thinking of recording all of the activity going on in side the lobby. I’m MexicanAmerican that have experience hate and racism cuz of my skin color even do Im American they all assume I’m from mexico. LoL but I do come across idiots on Xbox that would talk trash, sexually on line with minors in the lobby that really don’t knw why in the world there parents purchase them such game??

  75. I agree ive never experienced racism more than xboxlive never happend to me though but it has happend to friends before.people that are racist keep it at home not on xbox live.

  76. I dont see the problem. Me and my friendsplay and troll on people online. And we used to have racist names like (That Gay Black Guy) and (Slave Trainer) people always laughed and respected us. I also make fun of british people cause they are bad at games.and there voice anoies me.

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