More Sony Lies.

Once again, another rumor has started to spread about the PS3 be downgraded again. Kotaku has post a chat log that is supposedly a conversation with a insider at Sony. It still amazes me with all of the negative press Sony is getting. I'm no Sony lover by any stretch of the imagination. I admit it, I own a playstation 2 just like millions of you out there, but isn't $600 allot to ask for the next in line.

I have been postng allot about Sony lately. That's mainly to do with most of the press pounding on Sony for there apparent slipups. Over on this is very visible, as well as every other gaming/tech site out there. All I'm saying is that Sony has very long up hill battle ahead to keep it self in the drivers seat of the gaming industry. Microsoft is head hunting for Sony, plus they better watch out for that Nintendo Spear coming as well.


Posted on June 12, 2006, in Nintendo, Playstation 3, Sony, Xbox 360. Bookmark the permalink. 1 Comment.

  1. i called to cover my butt, but no answer

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