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Halo 3 Mulitplayer Beta, TV Spot, And More!!

Master Chief

Perhaps the biggest bomb that was dropped today, the MOAB of press announcements, was the indication of a public beta for Halo 3 coming next Spring.

I said it once and I’ll say it again. Why can’t we just wait and see when the damn game is released? All of this anticipation for game after game is going to give me a heart attack. Never less, this is some much welcomed news coming from the industries kings of hype.

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More Halo on the way!

Over on there are a few scans of the lofty and can’t possibly live up to the hype Halo 3. I like every one else hopes to the high heavens Bungie can pull this off. After seeing these scans though my hopes are up that they can. Now I just need to catch up on my Japanese. Enjoy!

Halo movie OFFICIALLY halted – Peter Jackson postpones it further

As was previously confirmed, both Universal and Fox did not choose to move forward with financing the Halo film under the original terms of the agreement. Peter Jackson and Fran Walsh, along with their partner, Microsoft, have mutually agreed to postpone making a feature film based on the Halo video game.

There’s only one thing to say: NOOOOOOO!

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Halo 3: First Details Emerge

New maps, new weapons, new SKUs, new control schemes.

New this and new that is all good, but I just want a real ending this time. I can’t state enough how mad I was when I finished Halo 2. “Finish this fight my ass”. “Finish with a real fucking ending”. Another thing to note is that they better not have a gravity gun in this thing. That other game when your in room after room in the dark already stole that idea. Finally, you better be able to use your flashlight at the same time as your gun. Don’t let me or the Halo community down Bungie. I’d hate to hear what Podtacular would do then. Arnold Schwarzenegger might have to terminate Bungie if Halo 3 is a flop. Dah!

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Universal and Fox Studios pull out of the Halo movie

Due to the rising production costs and worries over first time director Neil Blomkamp Universal and Fox Studios opted to back out of the picture. Microsoft was to receive as much as 10% of the gross for the rights of the franchise. Will we ever see Master Chief hit the silver screen or will he just live on through video games?

No Halo Movie? NOOOOOOOOOO! This was going to be the exception to the rule. Damn you Universal and Fox. I say every Halo fan send Microsoft five dollars each. That should be enough to cover it? Right! Probably not. Or better yet Mr. Bill Gates, I know your reading this. Flip the bill, man. I know your into saving the world. This movie would save the world in a whole new way. Just think about it, Bill. I know you have it in you. To finally have a good video game based movie. Who’da thunk it?

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Mississippi State marching band plays video game music during halftime show

I just had to post this after originally seeing it over at Joystiq. The beginning Halo ensemble is admittedly a little rough, but the fact that there playing it is enough. This video is very close to my heart as to the fact that I used to be in marching band in high school some time ago. I swear I’ll pick it up again in the future. I haven’t forgotten or lost the passion for music in the least. I just wish we would have done something like this back then.

Update: This this has been taken down by Youtube, as per a request by Mississippi State.

We dont need no stinkin GTA!

Over on there's an article were a Sony rep has forwarded the Sony ship deeper into the void they are going to inevitable to be.

WTF? My Sony bashing continues because of stupid comments like, "We don't need GTA". How arrogant can you get. How can anybody say that Sony would be were there at with or without Grand Theft Auto. There stanza is that there first party line is what caused them to stronghold the industry to the point it has.

My opinion on this is that many people bought a PS2 to play GTA in return allowing those said people to have the console to play all those Sony first party titles. They in return say that a franchise like Gran Tourismo has greatly out sold Halo. The problem is that Halo is the only franchise out there that is guaranteed millions of sales just because of the name Halo. How can you compare an established franchise like Gran Tourismo against a start-up that just showed up this past/or current generation of consoles. I do remember that there were two GT's on the original Playstation. Doesn't this already guarantee a fan-base for GT going into the PS2 GT's. Don't try to compare that to a new franchise like Halo that single handedly put Xbox on the map.

I have allot more where this came from, but I think I'll keep it to that for now.