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Guy Returns Original Xbox to Wal-Mart as a Xbox 360 and Gets Away With It..

A staffer at a Michigan Wal-Mart mailed in to let us know about a rather funny ‘Xbox 360’ which passed through their returns center. A guy returned an original Xbox spray painted in white and put it in an Xbox 360 box bundled with some official accessories but also a random power adapter and regular phone cord. Poor Wal-Mart…

This would be genious if he had really gotten away with it. I still don’t understand the Walmart return policy one lick. The stuff your able to return is unreal.

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Where’s my fracking Xbox Live?

If you don’t already know Xbox Live is down at the moment. So what to do in the mean time?

  • Play offline? Who the hell does that anymore? I’m looking at you PS2 players, who think they’ve played on-line when they don’t really know what on-line is unless it’s Socom.
  • Go outside? It’s raining. Scratch that.
  • Go back to my Xbox or PS2? Can’t bring my self to do it. I can’t play a game without points anymore. Give me my points and I’ll be happy. Yes, I’m a point’s whore. You can’t tell by my embarrassing gamer-score though (see right side column). I’m not as bad as Jeff Gerstmann over at Gamespot though.
  • How about actually hanging out and talking to people in the same room as me? Nope. To old fashioned and overrated.

Maybe I’ll just have to be in withdrawal today from Xbox Live. I can’t stand not having that integrated Live experience anymore. Have I become an Xbox Fanboy? Is this part of the evil Microsoft plain to get me hooked on playing with people around the world I don’t personally know. If so, it’s working. Now Sony and/or Nintendo have to convince me that they can do better.

Sony fanboy response to

A lame ripoff that is exclusively for bashing microsoft and XBOX. The sony defense force loves ken kutaragi and his giant enemy crabs.

I can’t say enough how infuriating all this Sony versus Microsoft stuff is making me right now. I’m going to post later about my thoughts on this in full detail when my head clears and I calmed down. I still can’t believe someone actually registered that URL. AHHHHHHH!

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Xbox 360 adds 1080p, HD DVD drive is $170 US

Xbox 360 HD-DVD add on

They’ve finally stepped up with a couple of interesting, albeit expected, announcements. First up: the Xbox 360 HD DVD drive finally has a price and date of launch — for Japan.

Not that I’m trying to stick it to Sony, but why is that $200 more needed? Apparently that little white box I’m looking at right now does just about everything Sony claims as the separating factor between the PS3 and Xbox 360. To me, the real separating factor is the already established on-line community I’ve been having a great time with for the last few years. Last time I looked Sony doesn’t have that yet or if ever.

I still have my PlayStation 2 sitting right next to my Xbox 360, but for how long? I fully intend to wait it out for God of War 2 next year, hopefully.

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EA Says Madden for the Wii Challenges Xbox 360 on Graphics

“There has basically been no loss of features at all for Madden Wii. In fact, because of the Wii-only content in Madden, I’d say that Madden Wii is the most feature rich version of Madden that’s out there. we’ve done a whole host of things that put the game…better than the Xbox. And in some cases, we’re challenging the Xbox 360 on graphics.”

Alright EA. Spin all you want. I know your full of shit. I bought Madden 360 a few weeks ago just so I could have a football game this year, even though I was extremely disappointed in last years game. I got it free to. Where’s my NFL 2k7?

I was once a Madden only player for a long time, that is until I got NFL 2k on my Sega Sport’s Limited Edition Dreamcast back in early 2000. Damn you Sega!!! Thank’s allot EA for ruining that for every 2k fan out there. I still have NFL 2k5 on the Xbox, and I still say it’s a better game.

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Xbox360 Roadmap Peeked At

We here at HardOCP got a chance to take a gander at the tentative Xbox360 roadmap last week. Here are some of the goodies that are in store: HD-DVD; 1080P; and a media jukebox.

Here is my road map for the Xbox 360:

1. Make Sega develop another Jet Set Radio and Nights game (Money is no object).
2. Make all games free for all or just me.
3. An HDTV is given to all current Xbox 360 owners for FREE!

There’s more where that came from, but that’s it for now. Get to work Microsoft!

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Girls Pregnant at Highschools Because of Video Games — WTF?!?

“Yes, it is a very sad thing that so many young girls in that school are becoming pregnant. But, what I want to know is how someone can even claim that the pregnancies are caused by electronic media.”

Well, the title is a little misleading, but it sure is funny. After reading allot of the comments on Digg about this, I was balling my eye’s out about this. After reading this comment ” I was going to make an insightfull post, but its late and im lazy. Needless to say, if my nerdy ass ever gets a GF, shes staying away from my damn Xbox! “, I feel he maybe on to something. Actually no, but here’s another thing to blame videogames on, Hillary.

I know a few people who have had parenthood thrust upon them by various circumstances, whether it was by choice or like some people like to say that’s complete bullshit “kids happen”. Come on! Kids never happen by chance. Nobody becomes pregnant out of the blue without making it happen regardless if that wasn’t the end result or intention at the time. People need to fess up to the fact that if you become pregnant you have to man up and face your responsibilties and not blame anyone but yourself for not taking the correct precautions in the first place. Video games need not apply.

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We dont need no stinkin GTA!

Over on there's an article were a Sony rep has forwarded the Sony ship deeper into the void they are going to inevitable to be.

WTF? My Sony bashing continues because of stupid comments like, "We don't need GTA". How arrogant can you get. How can anybody say that Sony would be were there at with or without Grand Theft Auto. There stanza is that there first party line is what caused them to stronghold the industry to the point it has.

My opinion on this is that many people bought a PS2 to play GTA in return allowing those said people to have the console to play all those Sony first party titles. They in return say that a franchise like Gran Tourismo has greatly out sold Halo. The problem is that Halo is the only franchise out there that is guaranteed millions of sales just because of the name Halo. How can you compare an established franchise like Gran Tourismo against a start-up that just showed up this past/or current generation of consoles. I do remember that there were two GT's on the original Playstation. Doesn't this already guarantee a fan-base for GT going into the PS2 GT's. Don't try to compare that to a new franchise like Halo that single handedly put Xbox on the map.

I have allot more where this came from, but I think I'll keep it to that for now.

Xbox 360 and the works!


Over on the Gamespot Xbox 360 Forums someone posted this nice 360 Dashdoard pic. It has an extra blade added where you could play not only Xbox games, but Playstation 2, Playstation, Gamecube, and Dreamscast. After seeing this I feel I could do better, but if Microsoft could some how pull this off for real I'd be all for it.

Xbox 360 customizable sound tracks are the best!

I know that the music playing in a game can be easily forgotten in most case's, but that is a different thing when it's music from your own collection. I play Geometry Wars Evolved allot, and by allot I mean allot. I admit that I'm not the best, but I'm not by any means the worst. I'm actually in the top 2,000 on the leader-boards right now. My highest score is 2,380,284. I used to have a hard time getting to 300,000, but that all changed once I started listen to my own music while playing.

Microsoft I love you. As soon as I stopped listening to the pack-in sound that the game comes with I started to progress very quickly. I can't really explain it but hearing the same music over and over desensitizes the sense's into losing concentration. Now that I have this figured out Im well on my way to catching that insane highscore of 101,000,000. Do these people have a life.The top guy said it takes 7 to 8 hours to reach that score. Call me crazy but my score is just fine for now.

If anybody reads this I sure you dont care, but I had to share my wisdom to you all.