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R.I.P James Kim

This is a very sad time for the tech community in lite of the news of James Kim’s passing. I can’t speak for everyone but I feel like I lost a friend even though we’ve never met nor did he ever know who I am. Needless to say though, nevermind that because it doesn’t matter if we met or not. The times and joy of watching him on Techtv and Cnet will be greatly missed by me and I’m sure everyone that he has influenced.
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TSS Prank where pink is the new fashion

I had to post this to considering I forgot about Jessica Corbin, How dare I!

Kevin Mitnick’s first time on the net in 8 years!

Great movie about Kevin Mitnick getting on the internet for the first time in 8 years. Even starring Kevin Rose 😉

I remember watching this very well. Morgan, well not Morgan considering she’s still at G4. Cat and Megan. Nooooooo! Come back. Techtv forever!!

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TechTV Reborn as ‘UndoTV’

“Pirillo and LaPorte hope to attract a sponsor and begin producing original content, but for now will let the site evolve from the ground up. Contributors will keep 100 percent control of the content they provide to the site, Pirillo wrote.”

All I have to say is please make this happen. Better yet, make it work.

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Help Bring Back TechTV

Chris Pirillo is asking for your help to make the TechTV reunion a reality.

Boy, this would be great if it were to happen. I’m not going to bash G4 for ruining what could have been. We all know there’s enough of that without me adding to that. I miss TechTV just as much as the next guy but the people that define TechTV for most of us who watched it because we had something on TV that we could relate to would never want to be associated with it again. Especially Erica Hill and Sumi Das over at CNN. Funny thing is that If seen just about everyone that was an on camera at TechTV somewhere else on the dial at some point. Anyway, I hope this happens some how.

Make it happen Chris!

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