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Call of Duty 2 is back! Well kind of.

Well, I popped Call of Duty 2 in again after 4 months. Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter has been supplanted in my 360's drive for quite a well now. The moment I started to play Call of Duty again I knew I was in for a shock. What happen to the tactical cover and shooting I am used to? What a complete turn around. I like Call of Duty, but going from Ghost Recon to this is a rude awakening.

The game-play is so different that I couldn't shoot anybody for the first 5 minutes in. I constantly pushed the wrong buttons thinking that I was still playing G.R.A.W. For me to play this any further I'm going to have to force myself to temporally forget about Ghost Recon. I don't know how I'll fair considering that there's a bunch of new content coming to G.R.A.W. very soon. Time will tell whether I can win the war any time soon.


Microsoft has a drug out for sale and it’s called Xbox 360!

Sad faceI haven't been able to play my 360, let alone any of my games much if at all the last two day's. I hate to say it, but I feel as if im in withdrawal. I have been playing whenever I could to get a certain person off of my mind that I am off limits to. She has the address to this blog, but chances are that she'll never read this. My Xbox 360 is some how helping me put my thoughts about things away for atleast during the time I'm trying to kill people in Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter, or any of the other 11 360 games I own.

It wasn't that long ago ( actually three weeks ago) that I used to play Geometry Wars Retro Evolved like mad. I have since ceased this activity because my concentration has fallen off dramatically when ever I play. My mind seems to constantly drift off causing my game of Geo wars to end far to quickly now. What is wrong with me? I used to be able to put things aside like that. Now I have little or no control over what I think about.

My 360 is now my drug of choice to get my head from getting any more destroyed by things I can't help or change. This part of my mind that has awakened within the last month due to outside forces that I wish hadn't found me in the short term, so the thoughts I'm continuing to have would be gone. I thought it was gone forever when I graduated form HighSchool just over 6 years ago. If there are any guys out there who might happen upon this liitle old site please leave a comment of advice about what to do when your feelings are completely in diseray and there's nothing you can do about it, because the one thing you've ever been sure about is unubtainable? I understand the whole move own with my life crap, so please don't tell me that tired old line.

I know that who ever reads this could careless. I will hopely begin to start up Call of Duty 2 again today, because I haven't finished it yet due to a bug in the game that was eventually patched that caused my game save file to be erased whenever the 360 was turned off. The sad thing is I was 2/3 of the way through the game when this happened over 4 months ago. Maybe by the next time I post which is hopefully later tonight I'll have some how had a miracle and forgotten all about this women who can't seem to leave my head. I feel dirty even thinking about it because of a little fact that many of you could guess in a heart beat.

Racism on Xbox Live.

Microsoft has never acknowledged the sad truth about the racism problem that seems to be getting worse on Xbox Live everyday. Many mainstream gamers who have no concept of what on-line gaming even is are quite unaffected when it comes to this. Therefore many companies will decide to sweep it under the rug only because the percentage of people affected by it are on the small side. This should not matter in the least.

I have been a member of Xbox Live for about a year and a half now and have had a great time, but occasionally there is that time I end up playing with an idiot who fells anything goes, just because I can’t see them acting like a buffoon. The first time this occurred was well over a year ago. I ignored it, figuring that I had just been unfortunate to have experienced it. That was the first time, remember. Months went by before it occurred again. Figuring this was going to be a thing I had to come across very infrequently I shrugged it off again. Don’t get me wrong here. I have experienced countless acts of  racism during my life so far. I take these things very seriously, but this was on the small scale.

Lately I have been privied to these racist pigs allot more frequently than I hope for. Microsoft has a complaint system built into Xbox Live but it doesn’t seem to be doing any good. Why doesn’t Microsoft acknowledge this problem? It obviously is a growing issue for them. I have read many message board threads all over the web with the same complaints I am voicing here. I have played with many people from different corners of the world, many from the United Kingdom. Lately I have been playing allot of Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter on Xbox Live where racist seem to be rampant everywhere. It must stop.

You can track my Xbox 360 here. On a lighter note. This is were my activity on My 360 is blogged about automatically for me. It’s very cool, especially where there’s no work involved on my end for it to go off without a hitch. If your have a Xbox Live gamertag check it out. Start your own 360 blog.

What is with Ghost Recon aka G.R.A.W dropping me?

Iv'e been playing Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter on the Xbox 360 allot lately on Xbox Live. I finished the single payer campaign over a month and a half ago and had played on Live a little bit during that time. I had went back to Halo 2 for a while after finishing the GRAW campaign. 

Now that I've picked up Graw again I've been having a blast. Most of the maps are really well designed, except for the really big one's when the teams aren't very big. All is well for the most part up until your get into a lobby with people who are very annoying on the headset or are just flat-out racist. There's nothing I can do but avoid them, but that's not the great injustice I speak off. 

What I am getting at is the dropped games. I love when this happens. When I bought this game back when it was released I dont remember the dropped games as being an advertised feature. The real kicker is that it seems to happens most often when I'm in the middle of a game were I'm on the team that is whopping the other teams butt and I cant miss anything i shoot at. The server connection has been lost or server arbitration has failed are what is usually displayed when this happens. 

 Ubisoft!!! Fix this now. I love your game all the way up until I get kicked out of the game because of serer issues. I know it's not my connection. I have a 7mbps with 384 up connection that's fairly consistent. I am not alone in this. Lots of people are experiencing the same thing. What's up Ubisoft?