Listen up, I’ve had it with you racist pigs!


In a monumental effort of significant proportions, I have returned to this place of my savior called “The Will Effect”. This should be a great occurrence, but instead, I grace any and all readers with the rage of all of the Gods of Olympus combined and then some. I made a deal with myself a long time ago that I was done with freely using those four letter words I used to use whenever appropriate, but those day’s have come to it’s end. From now on, censorship does not exist on this site/blog until further notice.

Why would I kill the good little angel on my shoulder? It’s simple. All of these fuckers on Xbox Live have pushed me over the edge so far that I’ve made it a regular physic’s impossibility of hovering several feet in mid-air after I’ve gotten pushed pasted the edge I speak of. It would be rudimentary to list some of the things I’ve heard over voice chat on Xbox Live, so I will flame the hell out of these bastards with no abandon. It’s childish, I know, but people suck and that’s the way I’m going to handle it. Period. Those I speak of won’t be reading this, but I couldn’t give a rat’s ass. Muting them isn’t going to change anything then make my experience shitty because now I can’t properly use the service the way it’s meant to be used, which includes VOICE CHAT (with civilized people).

This is going to be simple. If you want to be prejudice and down right hateful while playing a game on Xbox Live, PSN, or PC, fine. Do it in a private fucking lobby as to not make my ears bleed while I try to have at least a little since of fun with the game I paid for. I shouldn’t have to worry about my gaming experience being ruined by you fuckers. Stay the fuck out of public lobbies if you can’t have any sense. If you can’t play or act civilized than get the fuck out. While I could be much worse about this, I do believe that I am wasting my time by even addressing this, so that’s it. People fucking suck. And I thought it was 2008. Poor me.

Shout out to bs angel, because I felt like it.


Posted on February 24, 2008, in Xbox Live. Bookmark the permalink. 5 Comments.

  1. Your shout out at the end of your rant made me laugh out loud!

    You know I understand. You know any adult who exhibits common courtesy and a reasonable level of respect for the human race understands. The behavior of some people simply because they are anonymous is disgusting.

    Karma’s a bitch. And that’s how I feel about that. 🙂

  2. bs angel: I had to throw something positive in there. I’ve been ranting quite a bit lately at several different places. 😉

  3. I never rant. Ever. *cough*

  4. Great post, and I totally understand. The racism and homophobic insults that get slung around Xbox Live is why I don’t play online except with my IRL friends anymore.

  5. Politicians dont get voted in by saying no! they get voted in by favours, by corporations and the poeple.

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