Have we become spoiled brats?

After reading this post over on Gamespot, I cant say that I dont disagree with him. Check it out. What do you think?

If your to lazy to go over there here is the post:

When did the gamer population become so spoiled rotten? A year ago, there was no marketplace, and we managed to get by. Now a DEMO isn’t even a week overdue and everyones got their panties in a bunch. I for one am still impressed by the Marketplace, XBLA and the achievement system for giving us other reasons to play, and for reminding us of why we started playing in the first place. It’s not like Microsoft is purposely trying to piss it’s community off with the other consoles launches coming up, so can’t we just accept that it isn’t out yet, and when it’s ready, we’ll get to play it? And if anything, the buzz all this BS is creating is making them hold on to it a bit longer…


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