Xbox 360 adds 1080p, HD DVD drive is $170 US

Xbox 360 HD-DVD add on

They’ve finally stepped up with a couple of interesting, albeit expected, announcements. First up: the Xbox 360 HD DVD drive finally has a price and date of launch — for Japan.

Not that I’m trying to stick it to Sony, but why is that $200 more needed? Apparently that little white box I’m looking at right now does just about everything Sony claims as the separating factor between the PS3 and Xbox 360. To me, the real separating factor is the already established on-line community I’ve been having a great time with for the last few years. Last time I looked Sony doesn’t have that yet or if ever.

I still have my PlayStation 2 sitting right next to my Xbox 360, but for how long? I fully intend to wait it out for God of War 2 next year, hopefully.

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