What’s up with all of the Joystiq hatin?

For what seems like ages now, Joystiq has been under fire from manly people I consider closet Sony fanboys or just out right Sony loyalist to the extreme. At this years CES (Consumer Electronic Show) some of the Microsoft suits had some choice words when asked about the Sony on-line status as of now. Microsoft’s Chris Satchell and Peter Moore had this to say about Sony On-line strategy: The two called Sony’s newly launched on-line service a “disaster” and that Kutaragi and company lack the talent and “DNA” to deliver a workable service. “If I wanted to make my on-line service better, and I wanted to give [Sony] a little piece of advice, it would be to copy Xbox Live a little more closely … My honest opinion is that [PS3 Online] is pretty much a disaster. They keep saying that they have a free service. Well, if they don’t have anything, of course it’s free. And you know what: what’s free about $600?”

Now, after posting this and many others, Sony fanboys continue to question Joystiq’s journalist integrity because of the so-called bias they have when it comes to Sony. Of course, Joystiq and many other sites out there have been making up all of the insanely demeaning comments coming from Sony consistently over the last year. Saying that the next-gen doesn’t start until we say so isn’t asking for trouble?

How can anybody blame Joystiq for Sony essentially writing there own PR mistakes for them. Accusing Joystiq of being bias for reporting about Sony isn’t what any of this is about. Most of this backlash against them is exactly what should be forwarded on to Sony. What the hell are they doing? Arrogant statement after Arrogant statement discounting the competition is what the real problem is. Taking it out on Joystiq is wrong. When Microsoft has something to say the “Sony Defense Force” kicks in to save the day, when it’s the other way around Joystiq is accused of being bias. I guess you can’t win for losing.

Comment #36 on this post says exactly what I’m talking about. Smoke_Dawg_187: Anyone bashing Joystiq is just self projecting their true anger for Sony and using Joystiq as the scapegoat. It’s sad really. Sony let you down, bottom line.

Check here for the post in question.


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  1. Well hey, i’m sort of in tune with Joystiq and let me tell ya the truth. Usually, Joystiq has posters who skew towards Nintendo and they tend to take the Sony posts, positive or negative. (And if negative, doesn’t matter if it comes from Microsoft, cause a dig at Sony is a dig at Sony either way.) Then, they throw a little salt on the wound or rain on the Sony parade, whichever’s more fitting for the subject. With console/company-specific posts, you can tell by the content of the last line or paragraph, which normally spins the whole piece positively or negatively, or finishes on a vague implication or backhanded compliment. Simple as that.

    Joystiq has very few writers that go after Sony for MS’ sake. I’ve never called them biased or anything, but i do tell people to pay attention to the authors and who posts what stories. There are definite trends with their writers that people should be aware of.

    As far as company PR goes, they all do it. MS talks up their 10 mil install base, Gears of War and Live, Sony boasts about the PS2, their #1 spot and the power of the PlayStation brand, Nintendo talks Blue Ocean, Japanese sales numbers and market expansion. Everyone’s arrogant and they all blow smoke, so let’s not take exception to any of them.

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