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Half Life 2 graphics to look MUCH better on XBOX 360

The Valve team flipped the switches to enable graphics that were possible with XBOX 360’s triple core processors, and then found they had to send out their art teams to retake photos and such as their source images were too low res for the 360. It will be worth it to re-play this game on 360, ive seen the screens…its nice. Check out the HDTV!

How about we all wait and see when the game is released or until Valve themselves say word for word Half Life 2 looks better running on the Xbox 360.

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Valve Software demonstrates true fan appreciation – kudos to Gabe!

Two regular non-press fans of Half-Life decide to email Valve out of the blue and ask for a tour of Valve’s Seattle studios. Valve surprises them by actually inviting them to drop by, tour the offices, meet Gabe and play the upcoming Portal game for as long as they want! Now that’s fan appreciation you don’t get every day!

Damn it! I should have written that letter. I’ll be out back kicking myself to death for not doing this first. Damn it!

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