“Hardcore” Playstation 3 DIY Cabinet

Gerald had designed and had a customized cabinet made to house a Playstation 3 and a PC station inside his garage-turned-martial arts gym! Dual Sony Bravia LCDs for Virtua Fighter 5 action in high definition glory.

This is pretty damn nice, but there’s only one problem with it. If you’ve read any of my posts over the last 11 months or so you can probably guess what the problem with this setup is. Yes it’s the Playstation 3. Why PS3? If it’s only to play Virtual Fighter 5 now then I can understand. I have nothing against the PS3 per se, but the fact that it comes from Sony is enough for me. If this thing had a Xbox 360 in it instead I’d offer to buy it from him. That is if I had that kind of money to through down. In other words great setup, but heavy modifications would be in store.

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Posted on April 23, 2007, in Playstation 3, Sony, Video Games. Bookmark the permalink. 1 Comment.

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