PlayStation Home! What is it missing?

I’ll be the first to tell anyone that the first thing I think about when I turn on my Xbox 360 is community. You immediately feel the inclusion of being apart of something bigger than you playing by yourself in your own isolated existence. Seeing your friends list populate itself in those few first seconds is what makes the Xbox 360 so unique in what it has to offer. The other competing platforms just flat-out don’t have this experience, but that may change with the introduction of PlayStation “Home”, right?

With the formal announcement of “Home” came a huge wave of people all over the net ready to praise Sony for finally having something to get excited about. Sure it seems to be something to look forward to by default, but that’s only because there’s really nothing out there to seriously make anyone consider not eating for a month to pay the exorbitant price the PlayStation 3 commands. Then comes Home and all is right again in the universe.

I began with a mention of the Xbox 360 for one reason, community. A concept that’s often over looked, but in gaming it means everything. On-line or Off-line, if you have an experience with a game that is profound you’ll immediately go find something to talk to about it. Whether it’s how “cool the graphics were” or how something unexpected happened. Of course that’s how it was always done in the past, but not when we can have these experiences together no matter where we are.

That’s were we come to Home. As promising as it may seem, when Home launches it’s not going to be what it’s advertised to be, simply because the huge PlayStation Nation doesn’t know what it means to play together. Yes, there were the few games with this sue-do community ala Socom, but what about the other 99% of the gamers of the PlayStation platform. I’d hate to call all PlayStation heavy players loners, but sadly that’s the case. Single player games are fine up until that turns into the only experience I’ve ever had.

That is what Home is going to have to conquer relatively fast. Can the PlayStation user base form a vibrant community in such a quick time when all they’ve known is about solitary gaming? With an already established community in the several millions on Xbox Live, why shouldn’t a fan of Sony just ditch the uncertainty and join Xbox Live instead? When Home get’s it’s legs, it’ll be funny to see if Sony can cultivate a community as Microsoft has, because we all know there years behind when it comes to this game.


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  1. It’s Second Life copied.

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