Is the Wii overrated? Part 2

With the re-emergence of the video game industry 25 or so years ago with the success of the Nintendo Entertainment System, the gaming landscape mainly consisted of kids playing them. Given the fact that the people who give gaming a bad wrap to this very day still believe that gaming is an activity that is enjoyed and targeted to only kids, then comes the Wii.

Control schemes in games have gotten more and more complicated over time. Not because developers are trying to confuse kids, but because the very people who support the industry the most today are those then same kids, who back then got there first experience of what this amazing medium can offer that none other can. Then again, were not kids anymore. Those same gamers expect to have an experience that goes beyond solving rudimentary block puzzles or button-mashing our way to victory.

The Wii is all about fun, right. That’s what Nintendo will beat you over the head with, but how much fun is it when the game your playing is just plain bad. Case in point is Ubisoft’s Red Steel. Whether you liked the game or not, it’s still supposed to be fun just because of the Wii-mote. What’s that “Red Steel isn’t fun”. Like any other case, good game design is foremost important, Wii-mote or not.

Eliminating the Wii’s new/old fangled controller, what else does the Wii have to stand on. Nothing if you ask me. With a non-existent on-line multiplayer setup and dare I say it ” NO HD”, the other two choices offer HD and more or less a on-line solution free of friend ID codes longer than the Nile river. We are still very early in what is now current-gen where we already can clearly see the difference between the Wii,PS3, and Xbox 360.  Over time this will become even more pronounced.

Today we find ourselves with a machine that has a unique control scheme no matter how much Sony wants to try to copy Nintendo, but what about when that controller isn’t enough? Once the visual capabilities of the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 begin to pull away even more Wii owners everywhere may find themselves wondering if the Wii-mote is enough to hold interest. Hopefully for Nintendo graphic’s really aren’t as important as everyone would like to say, because all they have to stand on for the moment is you waving your arms around enough to forget that what your playing is nothing more than mini games at the moment.

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  1. I got bored of it after a bit. I didn’t like Zelda but Mario comes out this year and so does Super Smash!

  2. I totally agree with you.

  3. You wouldn’t believe how Wii supporters defend the Wii!! They talk like the stone-age is is ok and that video games shouldn’t evolve.. That’s the danger of Nintendo and it’s fans affecting the video game industry.. They are retards!!

  4. Wii is overrated, overpriced pice of c**p. I feel ripped off.

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