Euro PS3 Scraps Hardware Backwards Compatibility

In other words: Europe’s screwed. Don’t trade in that PS2 if you’ve had that thought in your head.

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Posted on February 23, 2007, in, Playstation 3, Sony. Bookmark the permalink. 5 Comments.

  1. This is actually the most ridicoulous thing Sony (or any other console makers) have ever done.

    I am actually incandescent with rage. Especially given that one of the reasons I was planning to buy as PS3 (admittedly in about 10 months time) was so that I could build up a back cataloge of Playstation games (I’ve never actually owned a PS1 or 2).

    Seriously though. What the actual fuck.

  2. Wow, Sony is dumb. If it was the same in America and Japan I’d understand but why take out features we have?

  3. Dumb it is. Save a penny, lose all dignity and respect. In other news, I plan on letting the post flourish coming this monday from now on here. Nintendo and Sony will feel my wrath, good or bad.

  4. I did mainly The Xbox Domain but wanted more opinion so I started doing the same thing you did, more on my own blog to bash sony, nintendo hasn’t made many errors to bash.

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