I don’t want to go back to PlayStation!

After seeing countless threads on numerous forums and article’s all over the net about red light this and red light that, I find my self in a peculiar situation as my Xbox 360 has shown me the red lights. Of course I love the Xbox 360 to death, but not solely for the Xbox itself. Xbox Live is what makes Xbox what it is.

Now I find myself in a situation where I have to either endure a Xbox-less existence until this issue is resolved or go back to a platform without on-line. Yes, the PlayStation 2 has an on-line component,but it’s no Xbox Live. This is going to make what I do over on The Xbox Domain kind of weird in the process as well. Writing about all things Xbox without a working Xbox?

I am a gamer first after all, right! I have all three of the past gen machines, but I still can’t help but feel slighted playing a machine without the 360’s implementation of Xbox Live. Wireless is another thing that will kill me if not in the short, in long term for sure. If anything, having to actually push a button on the machine to turn it on and off will be the death of me as a gamer. As petty as it sounds, it’s not a luxury as far as I concerned anymore. I have my original Xbox still, so I guess I’ll have to move back to the cave man days for my gaming needs until further notice. I hope I make it out alive! I guess this will be my excuse to go back to Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess having only played a few hours into it.


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