Impressions of the Sony and Microsoft Booth’s at CES

Although I didn’t have the pleasure of going to CES this year, I know that I can sit back an let the “internets” tell me all about it. That brings me to the question of why couldn’t CES have been back in August of last year? I was in Las Vegas then. What’s up with the conspiracies to not let me enjoy the new things this world has to offer. It would have been nice to have been in Vegas in a time other than when it was melting hot.

In other news, Tek Jansen over at Games Central was in good fortune enough to have actual gone out to the desert to enjoy what I cannot. On his blog he give’s a good rundown on what’s to see in the respective Sony and Microsoft booths. Apparently Sony is all about the hardware like they should be, right. After all they are hardware first company, while Microsoft is all about software. No surprise there. Head over to Tek’s Games Central blog for his impressions of the two. What he thinks in the end follows what a ump-teen amount of people have been saying along with myself for what seems like forever now.


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