EGM and 1UP for sale, Ziff Davis doesn’t want them anymore.

So who’s going to buy them and how soon? We don’t know. If the Iraqis don’t trade oil for it, we can only presume a media giant like AOL or maybe one of those half-hearted cable companies with gaming sites will want it. Either way, brace yourself for lameness and an onslaught of half true press releases from those that made it out alive.

This really stinks if anyone ends up losing there jobs through this. OPM already went through this.I would hate to see another Techtv/G4 debacle happen here as well. I’m not as much a EGM fan as I’m mainly a fan of the 1up network. I’ve previously let it be known of my feeling towards people like Shane Bettenhausen, but people like Luke Smith, Karen Chu, Ryan O’Donnell, James Mielke (as full of himself as he seems), Dan Hsu, John Davison, Garnett Lee, as well as many others have given so much to the gaming community it would be a down right crime to let it disappear.

1up Yours is one of my most looked forward to podcast/netcast every week. If it were to seize to exist I’ll cry bloody murder for as long and far as need be for the 1up Network to stay intact as is, without Shane of course. Not to slander Shane,but I just can’t stand him. I know I’m not alone in this. Anyway, I hope all goes well for everyone’s sake.

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