Enough with the is Morgan Webb a gamer talk!

Does it matter? Of course not. I’ve been watching and that’s the key “watching” Morgan Webb on TV for a long time now. Ever since she started on The Screensavers back in 2000 or 2001, I can’t remember, I’ve of course noticed that she was very pretty. Early on she was more Gothic looking than anything though. She was just one of four lookers at the time though. Jessica Corbin, Cat Scwhartz (now married), and to a lesser extent then Megan Morrone(now married). Us Tech TV viewers all knew she was beautiful but she had some stiff competition from mainly Jessica Corbin.

The main reseason I’m jumpin on the band wagon is that a flame war has been started again over on Digg about whether or not Morgan is really a gamer? I say yes and no just because 99.99% of us will never met her or even be close enough to even be in the same vicinity of her to even have judgement. For those few who have had the pleasure of being in Morgan’s presence would be the same way even still. Unless there crazed stalkers hanging around Morgan when not on the job 24×7, they don’t really know Morgan either. Some claim to work at G4 with her and back up her gaming prowess, but in the short and long run it doesn’t matter.

As much as some of us want to be in the inside with all of the dirt to fling about her whether it’s good or not we need to realize that were just wasting our time. As long as we enjoy what the final product we see on TV and elsewhere is in the end who cares. All our discussion is based on that final product anyway. Until she murders someone, I’m still going to be a fan gamer or not. To those who say she looks manly, so what! Even with her so called manly features she looks tons better than most woman. What more do you want? Stop being jealous of what you know you can’t have. If she does indeed have a boyfriend, good for her and him no matter how sad that makes me.


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