Sony’s PS2 is likely to outsell PS3 not just this year but in 2007 too

In December video game maker Square Enix Co. began running prime-time TV ads in Japan featuring battle scenes from its new adventure game Seiken Densetsu 4, or Legend of the Sacred Sword. Every 30-second spot ended with a familiar logo: PlayStation. But the game isn’t played on Sony Corp.’s (SNE) new PlayStation 3 console. It’s for the PlayStation 2.

This isn’t encouraging news if this turns out to be the case for Sony. While they are still making money whether it’s PS2 or 3, Sony is in dire need to make inroads with there newest format. As with the UMD, Sony needs people to move on to Blu-ray for them to keep afloat and stop bleeding money from there other divisions. Shouldn’t this be the way for them to squeeze out that other great white box called 360, and think PlayStation for everything regardless if its version 2 or 3. It sure seems to be working in Japan.

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  1. I thought the Xbox 360 was already squeezed out in Japan? Maybe not. Anyway, Sony and Nintendo will probably continue to release a few games on their older platforms, as not everyone can obtain a Wii/PS3. But I’m not sure.

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