Hideo Kojima: “I Miss The Rumble”

In a recent issue of The Official PlayStation Magazine UK, famed game creator Hideo Kojima talked about his upcoming Metal Gear Solid 4, and the SIXAXIS controller: “We can’t say how we’ll use the motion-sensing functionality specifically but we’ll use it for sure… That said, I miss the rumble, and even now I hope it will come back.”

Regardless of how you feel towards the rumble not being available on the PS3 controller were going to have to live with Sony’s decision or go to competing products for our rumble fix. In many ways I feel Sony is going to find themselves in a situation were they can’t deliver on any feature fully because of the there either non inclusion or halve inclusion. Where the Wii has full motion and tilt control, the Sixaxis only has tilt control. At the other extreme the Xbox 360 controller has rumble where as the Sixaxis flat out lacks the feature completely. Sony may find itself in a bad place not being able to deliver either feature completely or not at all compared to it’s competition.

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source: Kotaku 


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