Sony NOT responsible if your System Breaks from a Sony Download

“Also, something I forgot to mention in my initial impressions was that in the main legal agreement (which takes about a minute to scroll through) it states that if your system breaks from a Sony-created download or update that they are NOT responsible.

I’m not going to say that Sony is a evil company, but if this is the case then they are indeed an evil company. While Microsoft is usually accused of being evil because of there dominance and over whelming influence in the PC space, it goes to show that Sony hasn’t a clue when it comes to paying attention to the competitions mistakes.

Not even two weeks ago Microsoft sent out there fall dashboard update for the Xbox 360 that turned out to make some console’s unplayable after the software update was applied. Soon after Microsoft announced that a fix was on the way for those that had this happen to them. Now, in return Sony has been known for there multitude of updates for there hand held system the PSP(PlayStation Portable). So far there hasn’t been any widespread issues with the updates to the PSP as of yet, but if or when a mishap occurs with the newly released PlayStation 3 customers are surely going to be expecting Sony to fix the problem no questions asked. If not , then Sony is risking themselves even further then they have by the PR nightmare they have been in since E3 this past May.

If I were one of the few lucky one’s who bought or over paid for a PS3 on Ebay in the last few day’s I would be mighty pissed if I ended up with a non functioning machine because of an update by Sony. Of course if this was caused by none Sony sanctioned tinkering there would be no problem what so ever, but not an update coming from Sony themselves. I would then hope to have a free Sony fix for the trouble, right? Otherwise Sony’s got some explaining to do.

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  1. It is a shame that Sony should act like this, their customers must be a top priority at all times

    Josh Chandler

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