PS3 camper gives up right to ever own PS3 for free $7500 PC from PC Gamer

The staff of PC Gamer magazine gave away a $7500 Falcon Northwest rig to one of the first people in line at the Sony Metreon camping for a PS3. The winner stepped out of line, cut his wristband, and signed a contract saying he could never buy or own a PS3.

Congratulation’s are in order for this young man, because we now know how much of an idiot he is for doing this. Clearly I understand why he did what he did, but I wonder if he truly understands what he just did to himself. Logically there’s know way for PC Gamer to play watch dog over him to make sure he never purchases a PS3. Maybe that’s why he did it. Either way, if he keeps up his end of the deal he’ll be kicking himself in the near future for not having the for site to see that the PC he is inheriting is going to be old news down the line. At the same time is when Metal Gear Solid 4 or Heavenly Sword and so on are going to be bracing the PS3 and not the PC.

Nothing to me would have made me make this poor choice.Then again, more power to him. There isn’t exactly anything on the PS3 worth the money right now anyway. I’d be pretty happy with the choice considering I’ve been having a ton of fun with Gears of War chain sawing people in half, and we all know that’ll never show up on the PS3.

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