Less than one game purchased for every PS3 sold in Japan

The Japanese Weekly Famitsu magazine reported that Sony sold 88,400 PS3
’s in the system’s first two days. The best selling game over the period was Bandai Namco’s Ridge Racer 7, which sold 30,300 copies. This was followed by Gundam Crossfire at 30,000 units and Resistance: Fall of Man, at 15,700 units. PS3 has a software-hardware tie ratio of 0.98.

What are these people buying the PlayStation 3 for? It’ sure doesn’t look like it’s for the games. Or is it that there aren’t any good games so far. Maybe it’s that they haven’t played the same derivative of Ridge Racer enough. I can’t seem to figure out the Japanese market. Hopefully someone can enlighten me as to why the Japanese like to play the same games time after time. Anyone notice that most games attached to the PlayStation brand first party or not are ushering in on the fourth or five editions this time around. How much can you take before you demand change?

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