Man puts kid in hospital over Gears Of War

According to reports currently floating around the internet, a 15-year-old boy was attacked and actually put into hospital by a 36-year-old man who was ticked off in a queue outside a branch of Gamestop in Detroit.

I find this to be very disturbing. Especially when it happened pretty darn close to where I’m located. Who in there right mind would do something like that over a video game? I was recently screwed by Gamestop like many others who pre-ordered the game to make sure we’d get it this past Tuesday to only have to wait until Thursday. I guess I should have gone down there to beat the living snot out of the clerks for not having my game.

To have your priorities this screwed up is nothing short of amazing,or better yet creepy. Yes, I’m a so-called hardcore gamer. Probably to hardcore some times, but not anywhere to this extreme. I kind of wish I was standing in that line just so I could show that ass-hole what he has coming to him. Never less, Gears of War is fantastic. Maybe he should have beaten him up for this game. “No wait, what am I saying”.

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