Gamestop can kiss my ASS! Atleast until tomorrow.

First off I’d like to say that I don’t like to or plan on ranting about certain companies or anything else unless it’s completely warranted. Unfortunately this is one of those times where I feel it is.

Gamestop can KISS MY ASS! Why? I won’t be able to play Gears of War until November 9th. What the hell is that shit? I know European 360 owners won’t get the game until next week, but hey I don’t live in Europe.

After giving up my soul to pre-order Gears of war in the first place, I called my local Gamestop where I called yesterday to only find out that I’d have to what until today. What’s the problem you might say? It’s today and I still don’t have Gears of War. I call again today to only find out that there has been a shipping error. I won’t be getting Gears until Thursday. The anger inside of me right now is unexplainable right now. Then again you might say go get it elsewhere. I thought of that to. I have called every other retailer with in reason that’s local to me to only find out that they wont have the game until tomorrow also. FUCK! The anticipation is killing me, along with all of the retailers.

To make things worse, every time I sign into Xbox Live I see two people on my friends list playing the game already. Since Tuesday I’ve been seeing Gears of war on my 360 to only not be able to play it. How maddening. One of the people on my friends list Thrills Killa has had the game for the last few days. I hope he knows how lucky he is. Put me on the PR list Microsoft. If I get your games in a timely manner I have no problem pimping it if it’s warranted, of course.

Update: Check out this post over at for more. It looks like I’m not the only one ticked off.


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