Save TWiT!!! The Official Site to Change Leo’s Mind

Hey guys, if you haven’t heard yet, Leo is having hesitations about TWiT, arguably the most influential and listened-to podcast in podcasting’s short history. Here’s a way to change his mind…it’s going to take a lot of effort from ALL of us!

NOOOOOO! The sky is falling. I usually start my week off with TWIT first, then everything else. Why Leo? Why? Have I been a bad boy? Of course not, but I do believe Leo is stretching himself to thin.

The clear solution to the problem is to open the show up to more than just Techtv alums and Leo’s friends. It can be done for sure. If Podtacular can do it, surely TWIT can do it as well. I don’t have the experience that the regular occurring TWIT panel has, but this time is as good as any to gain some experience. All TWIT panelist should be replaced by me. My wit and cunning will without a doubt make everyone forget about all of this in a heart beat.

I’ll be waiting, Leo. Give me the inevitable good news here. I’ll be waiting. For anybody else reading this, sure my chances are very minute, but hey at least I tried.

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