Universal and Fox Studios pull out of the Halo movie

Due to the rising production costs and worries over first time director Neil Blomkamp Universal and Fox Studios opted to back out of the picture. Microsoft was to receive as much as 10% of the gross for the rights of the franchise. Will we ever see Master Chief hit the silver screen or will he just live on through video games?

No Halo Movie? NOOOOOOOOOO! This was going to be the exception to the rule. Damn you Universal and Fox. I say every Halo fan send Microsoft five dollars each. That should be enough to cover it? Right! Probably not. Or better yet Mr. Bill Gates, I know your reading this. Flip the bill, man. I know your into saving the world. This movie would save the world in a whole new way. Just think about it, Bill. I know you have it in you. To finally have a good video game based movie. Who’da thunk it?

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