Rockstar’s “Bully” Not What Critics Were Expecting

I laid into the kid with a flurry of punches, including a punishing uppercut I’d been taught by an alcoholic Vietnam vet. Wham, wham, wham: Pretty soon I’d pummeled my opponent into the ground. And for my brutal finishing move? I leaned over and gave him a hand up. And lectured him about the importance of not bullying defenseless kids.

I can’t believe that politicians and critics alike can get away with slandering an entire industry just because they don’t understand it.  Why is it still there belief that video-games are played and only made for kids.? The clear solution to all of this is for the critics to get off there asses and actually play a game for a change. I don’t care how many video’s of games you watch. Playing and watching are not equal to each other.

How the hell are you to come to any logical conclusion on anything without partaking in the said activity? Really, how dare I say that games be played instead of watched. Listening to a movie is the same as watching it, isn’t it. Video games are a complete waste of time and are harmful to our youth! How about that statement. It’s seem’s pretty interchangeable to me from Rock n’roll or even now Hip Hop/Rap is a waste of time and is harmful to our youth.

It’s glaringly obvious that all of this turmoil over video games comes from the fact that they have not grown up with this medium as an option like every one my age has. Why are video games different than music, television, or movies? Is it because our time is occupied with more option’s to entertain us than you and your four fathers are used to. Of course it can be seen as common place for someone to entertain themselves with a movie or music. Movies and music have harsh content as well. Some will even say much worse in some case’s. Where are the out cries for that to be regulated by the government? Don’t tell me the RIAA and the MPAA are in the pockets of the critics and more importantly the politicians. That can’t be. That would be a conflict of interest wouldn’t it.

I have been playing video games since 1985 and have had not one thought to mimic something I’ve seen in a game. If I were in the minority, more of these so called video-game deaths would be far more commonplace. If any of these critics were to actually play a game they would immediately see how unrealistic most games are. If I were to kill someone or try to fly off of a building roof top thinking I was actually going to fly, something clearly is wrong with me long before I picked up any controller. If you can’t tell a difference between a game world and reality than your parents have some serious explaining to do. Then again, strong parenting would destroy any critics argument from the start.I guess they won’t be hearing any of that.

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