What’s with your memory, Sony?

After thinking about the cost effectiveness of the PS3, I have come to a point where I can’t figure out what their thinking. Knowing that consumers are going to be paying more for the high end edition of the PlayStation 3, why is it that only the more expensive machine get’s memory card slots?

With my all knowing wisdom, I have been stumped by this for sure. Wouldn’t memory card storage be more of a no brain-er on the cheaper model versus the other. Why should I pay for the addition of memory card slots when I’m getting 40 gigabytes more hard drive space? I would think the people with the cheaper model would end up being in more need of a second option for storage over the people who have access to more space. Don’t tell me Sony is willing to pass up selling memory sticks to those unwilling or financially incapable of buying the high end model. Come on Sony, what are you doing?


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