Just played through the Sonic Demo on the 360. Boy am I pissed!

 The white hedgehog picking up a car with telekenisis

Just like the people over at Xbox360fanboy.com,  I too am severely disapointed by Sonic the hedgehog. I had very high hopes for this game. Finally a chance for Sega to start from scratch. This has to be great. New powerful hardware to work with. Oh no, they can’t do that. That would make to much since.

To be fair though, this demo is most likely the demo from this past E3 back in May. If so, they better had fix the controls and the camera by now. I can’t believe this is still a problem for them. The control for Sonic has been a huge problem going way back to the first Sonic Adventure on the Dreamcast. The camera also can’t give you a clear vantage point. Why can’t they just copy the camera system from God of War. While not perfect either, it’s at least not complete garbage like the Sonic camera is. It’s completely unacceptable for the camera to be the cause of my untimely death more times than the enemie’s are. For God’s sake, no wait! For my sake give us a good Sonic game this time. Nostalgia can’t hold me over forever.


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