EA Says Madden for the Wii Challenges Xbox 360 on Graphics

“There has basically been no loss of features at all for Madden Wii. In fact, because of the Wii-only content in Madden, I’d say that Madden Wii is the most feature rich version of Madden that’s out there. we’ve done a whole host of things that put the game…better than the Xbox. And in some cases, we’re challenging the Xbox 360 on graphics.”

Alright EA. Spin all you want. I know your full of shit. I bought Madden 360 a few weeks ago just so I could have a football game this year, even though I was extremely disappointed in last years game. I got it free to. Where’s my NFL 2k7?

I was once a Madden only player for a long time, that is until I got NFL 2k on my Sega Sport’s Limited Edition Dreamcast back in early 2000. Damn you Sega!!! Thank’s allot EA for ruining that for every 2k fan out there. I still have NFL 2k5 on the Xbox, and I still say it’s a better game.

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