Only 500,000 available at launch

Sony Computer Entertainment Chief Ken Kutaragi told reporters that far fewer units will be available for the U.S. and Japanese launches, with the U.S. to be allocated 400,000 units, and Japan getting 100,000.

Wow!!!!! Microsoft and Nintendo are going to make a killing. Also mentioned over on Joystiq by Marky, the Sony propaganda train has indeed fallen off the rails. Microsoft had about 1 million unit’s total worldwide last year. So how does that put Sony this go around? I say not very good. The main reason Microsoft made it out of last year’s underwhelming launch was because they had no competition in the next-gen arena to duke it out with.

Now, Sony is going up against two competitors where Microsoft had none with low unit numbers. When many people walk into store’s later this year it’s going to be a mighty easy decision for the uninitiated to either go for the well established Xbox 360, Wii, or both after they can’t get a PS3 even if they want one.

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