Molyneux fires warning about Wii controller

Peter Molyneux has delivered a chilling speech at the Leipzig games conference – warning companies about the dangers of motion sensing controllers.

Molyneux is the guy who made Theme Park, Black & White and The Movies btw!

I agree with Peter Molyneux only halfway. I have written before about my feelings about the Wii.The so called laziness that comes along with gaming is true, but than again it’s not so true also. Most gamers out there that call themselves hardcore are willing to learn something new. That’s what most gamers are ready to do every time they go out to pickup a new game to play.

When it comes to the people out there that don’t play games at all, there not going to flock to something so different that it’s a departure for people that are already gamers. Non gamers are already intimidated by the way games are played today. Everyone has there preconceived notion as to how games are played. So, how does Nintendo expect a complete non-gamer to pick up a wii-mote and play with ease when they already have it in there head that these thing’s are to complicated to use in the first place. Pushing buttons is what all of us are trained to do when playing a video game. Now, Nintendo comes along with the intent to make gaming easier while just making it harder and more confusing in the long run.

Waving your arm’s around instead of moving an analog stick or pushing a button is a tough proposition for gamer’s and non gamer’s alike. I may sound very skeptical about the Wii. I have reason to be, after the debacle known as the power glove I still own to this day.

Than again it may turn out to be what non-gamers can pick up rather quickly. I know may people who have tried getting someone they know into gaming only to see them motion the controller in the direction they intend thinking that it will do some good to find out that it does absolutely nothing after making themselves feel like a fool for ever trying.

The main point I want to get out there is that the laziness seen by everyone is complete bull shit. No one can tell me that they can’t put forth a little effort and time in learning to push a few button’s, but then go out there and learn to drive a car while doing there hair, eating breakast, and talking on the phone all at the same time. What a crock of shit! I don’t want to offend anyone who is not a gamer but quit the bullshit and learn something new. It irritates the hell out of me to see people give that same old tired excuse about being to old or saying ,”I can’t do that, it’s to complicated”. If you can drive a car then you can play a video game, and I’m not talking about casual games either.

More is to come about this.

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