Report: Developers are Steering Away from PS3

Is Sony’s PlayStation 3 in trouble before it even launches? Sony has been the undisputed champion of the last two console generations, towering over the competition, but now it seems like every analyst, developer and industry pundit is placing a laser sight directly on Sony’s forehead.

Well, I dont want to say I told you so. If this turns out to be true, hear this, “I told you so”. After all of the bad PR since E3 Sony has been trying to pick up the pieces from there revelation of mortgaging your house for a Blu-Ray player disguised as a gaming machine. To make matters worse, it seems nearly every Ps3 game announced is just another game in a long line of sequel’s that they espect us to keep paying for like we don’t notice that this is the millionth edition of the same game we’ve been playing for 2 generations now.

The truely sad thing about all of this is that they have all of the history they need to look at by glancing over at one of there competitors named Nintendo. After Nintendo pretty much dominated the late 80’s and the early 90’s they were in the same position Sony is in now. Nintendo was just as arrogant as Sony is now by sticking to there cartridge games versus the new and cheaper CD in a move that later turned out to kill there third party support for the N64. In return for this action most third party publishers flocked over to the Playstation giving Sony there arrogant attitude they have now thinking that they can do no wrong.

It looks like history is repeating itself once again. Is the Xbox 360 the new Playstation this time around? If so, this doesn’t look good at all for Sony. Given the fact that just about ever consumer electronic division other than Playstation at Sony is struggling against stiff competition from the likes of the Ipod and just about every other televison brand out there.
As far a Blu-Ray goes, need I say more than Beta-Max vs VHS. One was clearly better than the other, but the cheper solution prevails almost everytime. This goes for HD-DVD as well. Sony maybe pushing Blu-Ray down our throats if why do someday end up with a PS3, but at what cost is the consumer to pay for this unproven technology that cost more for very little gain if you haven’t already splurged for that other bigger purchase called HDTV.

With Sony leaning so heavily on the success of the Playstation 3, how will Sony survive if there videogame throne is snatched right from underneath them buy Nintendo or Microsoft simply because Sony time after time feels it needs to control the standard of which we all use to consume there media?

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  1. nice writing you have there, and i agree with you that most consument (including me) doesnt really care about new technology especially for high priced technology. and sony should have learn that most consument that buy playstation / playstation 2 console because of its price

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