Sony #1? WTF?

If anyone has read my previous post’s about Sony, then you’d most likely come to the conclusion that I’m not to fond of them. It’s not that I hate there guts or anything. I just can’t stand there arrogant business practices. Time after time they feel that we all need to adhere to there format standards with little success, but here we are again amidst a another format war.

With the many idiotic statements being made by Sony marketing reps as of late, it amazes me that Sony has suspiciously been named the #1 brand in a survey by Harris Interactive. The fact that Sony was named #1 is not was upsets me in the least. The people who were surveyed are most likely super uninformed about the working and/or PR disaster Sony is and has been in for quite some time. They have been getting there butts kicked every which way possible, aside from the PlayStation division. Companies like Samsung, Apple, and Motorola have been eating there lunch for years now, but the average joe out there has no idea.

I’d call myself hardcore if that was the correct term in this case, but what about everybody else. I love to stay up on the latest news out there so I can make buying choices that make sense where needed. Most people blindly follow the most popular trend at any given time without a question asked. That’s fine, but then there the people who do the same just because that’s what theyv’e been doing for years and have no capacity to make a honest purchase decision on there own. I’d like to go on but I feel like I’m preaching to the choir (myself). The people I’m talking about are most likely saving there pennies for a PS3 this very moment, not reading this blog to be informed.


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  1. why is your myspace page blank

  2. I don’t know what your talking about whoever you are. My myspace page seems to be working for me.

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