Kids on Xbox Live.

I haven’t posted in four days now, and it’s mainly due to the shear fact of laziness. Iv’e been playing Project Gotham Racing 3 allot on Live lately. Actually a little to much. More like hours on end. Previous to this I hadn’t played it much in months. There are still allot of achievements I still have to get in this game so i figured I would stick to it. After saying that, I haven’t gotten one single achievement yet. Most of my time has been playing on Live. Iv’e been trying to get my rank up as much as possible on the on-line career but seem to have to waste to much time waiting in lobby for another player to join me on that certain track, so I usually end up having a blast playing in unranked lobbies.

Well the main point of this post is to give a little rant against parents allowing there bratty kids on to Xbox Live when there clearly should be. I know it mainly comes down to parental decision, but these parents are making the wrong ones. If there are any parents out there reading this and they play on Xbox Live, please don’t let your kids on if they can’t play without yelling obscenities into there mic just because there are not winning or feel there need to annoy every other player to have fun. You out there know who you are if your guilty of this.

Iv’e written about racism on Live before, but this is another thing altogether. The sad problem is that most parents out there have no clue what Xbox Live is to even get there kids off of it. Why are so many parent’s to lazy to find what there kids are doing to prevent things like Hot Coffee from happening in the first place?


Posted on July 5, 2006, in Project Gotham Racing 3, Xbox 360, Xbox Live. Bookmark the permalink. 1 Comment.

  1. tru that, supervise the damn kid, or even if you hang around them while they play, wouldnt u hear wat their saying?? i blame the parents 100%, its just an escape for them to plonk their kid in front of the box and let them play ’til their eyes r square, if they cared at all they would at least listen every once in a while. thats not too hard is it??

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