We dont need no stinkin GTA!

Over on 1up.com there's an article were a Sony rep has forwarded the Sony ship deeper into the void they are going to inevitable to be.

WTF? My Sony bashing continues because of stupid comments like, "We don't need GTA". How arrogant can you get. How can anybody say that Sony would be were there at with or without Grand Theft Auto. There stanza is that there first party line is what caused them to stronghold the industry to the point it has.

My opinion on this is that many people bought a PS2 to play GTA in return allowing those said people to have the console to play all those Sony first party titles. They in return say that a franchise like Gran Tourismo has greatly out sold Halo. The problem is that Halo is the only franchise out there that is guaranteed millions of sales just because of the name Halo. How can you compare an established franchise like Gran Tourismo against a start-up that just showed up this past/or current generation of consoles. I do remember that there were two GT's on the original Playstation. Doesn't this already guarantee a fan-base for GT going into the PS2 GT's. Don't try to compare that to a new franchise like Halo that single handedly put Xbox on the map.

I have allot more where this came from, but I think I'll keep it to that for now.


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