Call of Duty 2 is back! Well kind of.

Well, I popped Call of Duty 2 in again after 4 months. Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter has been supplanted in my 360's drive for quite a well now. The moment I started to play Call of Duty again I knew I was in for a shock. What happen to the tactical cover and shooting I am used to? What a complete turn around. I like Call of Duty, but going from Ghost Recon to this is a rude awakening.

The game-play is so different that I couldn't shoot anybody for the first 5 minutes in. I constantly pushed the wrong buttons thinking that I was still playing G.R.A.W. For me to play this any further I'm going to have to force myself to temporally forget about Ghost Recon. I don't know how I'll fair considering that there's a bunch of new content coming to G.R.A.W. very soon. Time will tell whether I can win the war any time soon.


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