What is with Ghost Recon aka G.R.A.W dropping me?

Iv'e been playing Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter on the Xbox 360 allot lately on Xbox Live. I finished the single payer campaign over a month and a half ago and had played on Live a little bit during that time. I had went back to Halo 2 for a while after finishing the GRAW campaign. 

Now that I've picked up Graw again I've been having a blast. Most of the maps are really well designed, except for the really big one's when the teams aren't very big. All is well for the most part up until your get into a lobby with people who are very annoying on the headset or are just flat-out racist. There's nothing I can do but avoid them, but that's not the great injustice I speak off. 

What I am getting at is the dropped games. I love when this happens. When I bought this game back when it was released I dont remember the dropped games as being an advertised feature. The real kicker is that it seems to happens most often when I'm in the middle of a game were I'm on the team that is whopping the other teams butt and I cant miss anything i shoot at. The server connection has been lost or server arbitration has failed are what is usually displayed when this happens. 

 Ubisoft!!! Fix this now. I love your game all the way up until I get kicked out of the game because of serer issues. I know it's not my connection. I have a 7mbps with 384 up connection that's fairly consistent. I am not alone in this. Lots of people are experiencing the same thing. What's up Ubisoft?


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